Most longest six in cricket history International 

Today’s post is all about the person who hit the most longest six in cricket history International. 

Quick answer – Albert Trott hit longest six in the cricket history.

Most longest six in cricket history International 

Longest six in international cricket was hit by Australian player Albert Trott who also played for the England cricket team. Albert was a fantastic all rounder who was a fantastic batsman and hit the ball very hard with the bat. He was a talented player and used to bowl spin and fast. In 1899 and 1900 he was at the peak of his performance as an all rounder. In the year 1899 he scored 1,175 first class runs and took 239 wickets for England domestic cricket. In the year 1900 he scored 1337 runs and took 211 wickets.

While playing for the MCC against Australia in Lord’s ground on 31 July 1899 Albert Edwin Trott hit the world’s biggest six in cricket history. The six was so long that it traveled over the current Lords pavilion. After several years it is still the biggest six in international cricket.

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The ball traveled a distance of 164 metres and hit a chimney and fell into the garden outside the house of Lords dressing room attendant Philip Need. Albert was playing for England against Australia when he hit the world’s longest six on the ball of Monty Alfred Noble.  

However, Noble soon took his revenge by taking the wicket of Albert by making him out at third man after getting the top edge of the bat.

Monty Nobel was an Australian all rounder cricketer. He used to do batting and bowling medium pace as well as spin bowling. English amateur cricketer William Gilbert Grace and Indian KS Ranjitsinhji were also playing in the MCC team along with Trott. 

Albert was the Wisden cricketer of the year in 1899. In 1900 while bowling for middlesex against Somerset at Taunton he took all 10 wickets (10 for 42) in an innings.  

However, Trotts six was not recorded officially but it was an International match at that time. Therefore Troot is the player who hit the longest six not Afridi. In 2013 Shahid Afridi hit the six of 153 metres on Ryan Mclaren against South Africa which was recorded officially.

Albert Edwin Trott personal life

Albert Edwin Trott was born on 6 February 1873 to accountant Adolphus Trott and Mary-Ann (née Stephens) in Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia. Albert’s older brother Harry Trott also played test cricket for Australia. Trott brothers played junior cricket with the local Capulet club in Australia and then played together for Victoria in domestic first class cricket competition in Australia.

His nickname was Alberto and Albatrott. He was one of the best players of Australia and his story represents one of the great enigmas of Australian cricket history. He started playing for Australia in 1895 and also played cricket for England in 1899. Albert Trott’s debut test match was on 11 January 1895. On 11 January 1895 in his debut test match he played for Australia against England. The biggest six hitter player played his last test match for England on 1 August 1899 against South Africa.  

Later moved to England with the family. He joined the England cricket team and became the player who played cricket for two countries. Some of the cricketers played cricket for two countries are: Billy Midwinter, Billy Murdoch, J.J. Ferris, Sammy woods and Frank Mitchell etc were. Albert died at the early age of 41 on 30 July 1914 in Harlesden, Middlesex, England.

Albert Trott biography

  • Daddy’s name – Adolphus Trott. 
  • Mother’s name – Mary-Ann (née Stephens).
  • Full name –  Albert Edwin Trott.
  • Birth – 6 February 1873. 
  • Birthplace – Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia.
  • Died – 30 july 1914 at the age of 41. 
  • Nickname –  Alberto, Albatrott.
  • Role – All rounder. 
  • Batting – Right handed batsman.
  • Bowling – Right arm fast medium and right arm spin bowling.
  • Famous for – Hitting world longest six.
  • Brother – Harry Trott.

International cricket

  • Cricket played for – Australia (1895) and England (1899). 
  • Test debut – 11 January 1895 for Australia.
  • 1st test match played against – Australia vs England.
  • Last test match – 1 April 1899 England vs South Africa.

Domestic cricket

  • 1892/93-1895/96 – Victoria.
  • 1898-1910 – Middlesex.
  • 1900-1904 – London country.
  • 1901/02 – Hawke’s Bay.

Career statistics test cricket

  • Matches played – 5.
  • Run scored –  228.
  • Betting average – 38.00. 
  • 100s – 00.
  • 50s – 02.
  • Top score – 85*.
  • Total balls bowled – 948.
  • Wickets – 26.
  • Bowling average – 15.00.
  • 5 wickets in a test innings – 02.
  • 10 wickets in a test match – 00.
  • Best bowling – 8/43.
  • Catches – 04.

Career statistics first class cricket

  • Matches played – 375.
  • Run scored – 10,696.
  • Betting average – 19.48. 
  • 100s – 08.
  • 50s – 44.
  • Top score – 164.
  • Total balls bowled – 71388.
  • Wickets – 1674.
  • Bowling average – 21.09.
  • 5 wickets in a test innings – 131.
  • 10 wickets in an innings – 41
  • Best bowling – 10/42.
  • Catches – 452.


Who hit longest six in cricket history?

The longest six in the world cricket was hit by Albert Trott.

Albert Trott played cricket for which country?

He played cricket for two countries, Australia (1895) and England (1899).

What is Albert Trotts date of birth?

6 February 1873.

The longest six was hit on which ground?

Lords cricket ground England.

How long is the longest six in Cricket?

164 metres.

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