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Shahid Afridi, Brett Lee and Albert Traut are the top 3 players who hit longest six in cricket history. Do you know among them who hit the biggest six in cricket history from the beginning of cricket to till date.

Don’t worry today a player hitting the longest six in cricket history international is disclosed along with top 9 players.

Who hit longest six in cricket history

Albert Traut

Albert Traut hit the world longest six in cricket history. Albert was playing on the Lords cricket ground and hit the six of 164 meter. Albert played cricket for 2 countries. He started playing cricket for Australia in 1895 and for England in 1899. 

Albert was bowling all rounder and used to bat in middle and lower middle order. He has played some test matches and some first class cricket for both countries. His test match debut was on 11 January 1895 and played last test match on 1 April 1899.

Albert was born on 6th February 1873 in Australia and hit the most longest six in cricket history during his career. The six was so long that it crossed over Lord’s pavilion and went outside the Lords cricket ground. Lords cricket ground is located in England and is famous as Mecca of cricket.

Shahid Afridi 

After Albert Pakistani player Shahid Afridi is the number two batsman who hit the highest long six in cricket. In the year 2013 Shahid Afridi hit a 153 meter long six against South Africa. 

Afridi hit a shot on right hand medium fast bowler Ryan McLaren which went for six and became worlds 2nd longest six in cricket history. However, some people think that it was the first biggest six in cricket history but they are not aware of the Albert Trauts six. 

No video footage is available for alberts six so most people are not aware and some people think that was unofficial. This is the fact that it was an international match played between England and West Indies in which Albert hit that six, so how it is unofficial.

Bret Lee

Brett Lee is a famous former Australian fast bowler. However, Brett Lee was the fast bowler but he is in the list of top 3 players who hit the 3rd longest six in cricket history. He made this record in the year 2005 against the West Indies cricket team. The six distance was 130 meter long. Brett Lee was born on 8th November 1976 in Australia.

He played a lot of cricket for Australia in all three formats including test ODI and T20. Later he played in IPL and is now connected with Indian Premier League franchise in other roles.

Top 9 biggest six hitting cricketer list 

Cricketer name/countrySix distance in meterOpposition teamYear
1.Albert Traut, England164 meter
2.Shahid Afridi, Pakistan153 meterSouth Africa2013
3.Brett Lee, Australia130 meterWest Indies2005
4.Martin Guptill, Newzealand127 meterSouth Africa 2012
5.Liam Livingstone, Newzealand122 meterPakistan2021
6.Cori Andrewson, England122 meterIndia2014
7.Mark Waugh, Australia120 meterNewzealand1997
8.Yuvraj Singh, India119 meterAustralia2007
9.Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India118 meterNewzealand2009
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