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From head to toe a list of items in cricket kit is shared today. Cricket kit price is also shared along with briefing of the items in the kit.

List of items in cricket kit


It is the main equipment in cricket and without it this game cannot be played. Bat is made of wood. It looks like a long square with a thin handle which is held by the batsman while batting. An idle cricket bat height should not increase more than 96.52 cm. This height is measured from the bottom portion of the handle.


It is made of leather which is round in a circle. The idle cricket ball weight should be 5.5 ounces. The weight should not be less than 155.9 gram (5.5 ounce) and more than 163 gram. It is used by the bowler against the batsman in which the bowler bowls by swinging the hand and trying to take the wicket of the batsman. Funny thing is that a batsman can bring their bat to play a match but bowler can’t bring the ball instead the ball is given by the umpire.


Helmet is important equipment worn by batsmen on the head to protect the head and face from the leather ball. Some wires are installed in the front of the helmet which stops the ball entering inside the helmet.

Chest guard

This equipment is worn by the batsman on the chest while facing the bowler. The equipment contains soft sponges inside, it is hard from outside and soft from inside. It protects the chest of the batsman but it is not weird on both chests. Instead it is worn on ball hitting place probability, the left side chest by right hand batsman and right side chest by left hand batsman.

Elbow guard 

It is also known as an arm guard. It protects the batsman’s arm and elbow. This equipment is also hard from outside and soft from inside.

Batting gloves

Batting gloves batsman on the hand. These gloves are soft from inside and hard from outside which protects the batsman’s fingers.

Wicket Keeping gloves

Wicket keeping gloves are broader in size and specialty side to catch the ball easily. These gloves are worn by the wicket keeper.

Thai guard

It is an equipment worn by the batsman on the thigh to protect the portion above the knee. This equipment is worn by batsmen on the front legs thigh where ball hitting chances are more.

Inner thigh guard

In a Thai god is made by some batsman to protect the inner thigh. Former Indian cricket team captain Saurav Ganguly used to wear an inner thigh guard to protect his thigh from the fast bowlers.

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El guard cricket

Players need supporters to wear an el guard. It is very important equipment in cricket which protects the life of the cricketer.

Batting pad

Batting pads are worn by the batsman on the leg to protect the legs from the leather ball. It protects the leg from me to the ankle. 

Wicket keeping pad 

Wicket keeping pads are usually smaller in size than batting bats. This is because the wicket keeper needs to sit up and down several times. Small pads allow batsmen to do this exercise continuously.

Cricket shoes

Cricket shoes are worn by batsman, bowler, fielder and wicket keeper. One must wear good cricket shoes to run, skid, stop and jump actively on the ground. 

A good cricket kit cant help you to become cricketer. To play cricket for India it is necessary to practice years and to participate in important tournaments trials such as district cricket.

Cricket kit items name list

  1. Bat.
  2. Ball.
  3. Helmet.
  4. Chest guard.
  5. Elbow Garden.
  6. Batting gloves.
  7. Batting gloves inner.
  8. Wicket keeping gloves.
  9. Thigh guard.
  10. Inner thigh guard.
  11. El guard.
  12. Batting pad.
  13. Wicket keeping pad.
  14. Cricket shoes.
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