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If you are looking for a cricket academy near you with low fees then you must read this blog once. We are opening a cricket academy near you with low fees and some people might get a chance to join it free of cost.

The information is for those people who are not able to join cricket academies in their cities or villages due to high fees and some other problems.

Cricket academy not joining reasons 

  • Lots of students play cricket and want to become cricket players in India. It’s disappointing that most of them are not able to join cricket clubs due to high fees. 
  • Many students do not get permission from their parents to join a cricket academy situated far from their home due to  security issues. 
  • Most parents do not allow their kids to go to a cricket club located nearby with heavy traffic. 
  • Girls are not allowed to go far from their home and school to join a cricket academy.

Drawbacks to not join cricket club

  • There are few drawbacks of not joining cricket academy which are given below:
  • People fail to know the exact cricket trial date in their city.
  • They don’t know where to get district cricket trial forms.
  • Somehow they know the date and achieve trial forms but lack of cricket practice there is a high possibility of getting failed in trials.
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Cricket academy near me with fees structure

To overcome all the problems which are given above as drawbacks of not joining cricket club  we have an offer for you. The offer is that we will open a national level cricket academy inside your school where you will get all the facilities which you have seen on television. There will be the best cricket net for practicing. 

A complete cricket kit will be provided to a team. We will arrange high class tournaments to give you match practice which will help you to give your best in cricket cricket trials. We will provide you with a couple of professional cricket coaches who will guide you about important cricket trials. These coaches will train you professionally.  

Must readList of items in cricket kit

Daddy100 cricket academy fees structure 

  • Registration fees – Rs 1500.
  • First month fees – Rs 700 + Rs 1500 = Rs 2200.
  • Per month fees – Rs 700.

Cricket Coach role

  • Daddy100 will provide 2 cricket coaches.
  • They will give cricket training: batting drills, bowling drills, wicket keeping drills and fielding practice.
  • Coach will guide every student one by one to improve their performance.
  • Coach will prepare students for district level trials and other important trials.
  • Coach will give information about important cricket trials to every student.
  • Coach is responsible for making students arrange necessary documents for cricket trials.
  • Apart from practical training they will give you theory classes in which students can ask questions.
  • Free cricket carrier consultations will be given to students.
  • Coaches will talk to students’ parents/guardians about their performance and their sports career.

Email for cricket academy in school

School management needs to email us at   

Eligibility to participate in daddy100 cricket academy 

School students who are interested in cricket can participate in our academy trials. 

Boys and girls both are welcome to participate in the academy.

There is no age limit, selection will be on class basis. Class 4th to 12th students can join our cricket academy.


Sub junior team 

  • Class 4 to class 5.
  • Total = 25 players.

Junior team

  • Class 6, class 7, class 8.
  • Total = 25 players.

Senior team

  • Class 9 to class 12th.
  • Total = 25 players. 


How to join a cricket academy for free?

To join a free cricket academy one should approach the government academy which is very less in India.

How to join cricket academy after 12th?

Visit the academy located in your city, fill the form, submit fees and join it.

How to join cricket club near me?

To join daddy100 cricket club near you visit the school and give trial for academy selection.

Where is the cricket academy near me within 2 km?

You can join daddy100 cricket academy near you inside your school.

Please suggest the best cricket academy near me with fees for kids?

Daddy100 offers reasonable fees of Rs 700/month for kids. In the first month you need to submit Rs 1000 (registration fees) + Rs 700 (monthly fees) = Rs 1700.

How can I join a cricket academy near me with low fees?

If you are a student then you can join daddy100 cricket academy with low fees.
Registration fees – Rs 1500.
First month fees – Rs 2200.
Per month fees – Rs 700.

How to get daddy100 cricket academy in the school?

Email us at   

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