How many players are there in a cricket team including substitutes

There are a total 15 players in 1 cricket team including substitutes. Eleven players play on the ground from one team and 4-4 players are reserved in each team. Information about all these 11 players including 4 substitutes is given in this blog post. Cricket is going to touch new heights in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028.

Fast forward – Total 15 players in a team including substitutes, 11 players play match from 1 team, male female both cricket teams have the same number of players.

How many players are there in a cricket team including substitutes

There are total 15 players in a team out of them 11 players from one team play on the field. Rest 4 players are substitutes who can be used during the match as a fielder. Substitute player is used when regular player is not fit for next match. While using substitutes in place of injured player they are not allowed to bat or ball, they can only do fielding. The cricket match is operated by 3 umpires, 2 on filed and 1 off field (3rd umpire/tv umpire).

There are a total of 11 players in one cricket team who play on the field. These 11 players are responsible for batting, bowling and wicket keeping. At a time total 11 + 2 = 13 players can be seen on the ground. In which two batsmen batted and 11 were from the fielding side including the bowler. 

number of players in a team as per cricket formats

There are three types of cricket: Test match, ODI  and T20. Let’s understand all of them one by one. These formats are similar for male and female cricket matches.

Captain can decide the number of bowlers and batsman  as per his/her choice. There is a fixed place for one wicket keeper. 

There are a total 15 players each in a team in all cricket formats including test match ODI and T20. Out of 15 only 11 players play on the field known as playing 11 and 4 sit on the bench as reserved players. If a player gets injured during fielding or batting then another player can be used as a fielder. However, a reserved player replacing an injured player cannot be used as a batsman or bowler; the player can be used only for fielding. 

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Test match cricket 

There are a total 15 players in test match cricket in one team. From one team 11 players used to play on the cricket field and the rest 4 sat on the bench as bench players. Test cricket is played for 5 days in these 5 days each team gets two innings. Both teams get two time batting and two time bowling. 

There are a total 90 overs thrown in each day. One team cannot throw more than 90 overs in a day however the over ratio may go down as per the lighting, rain and other circumstances. 

After winning the toss the captain decides whether to bat or bowl. Batting teams try to bat for more days to score more and after a couple of days they usually declare their innings if not got all out. 

If the first batting team has scored 350 runs in 2 days then the next batting team needs to achieve the target. If the second batting team scores 375 runs they get 25 runs lead. Now the team who has batted first needs to chase 25 runs and after that whatever score they make will be a target to the second batting team. 

Suppose the 1st batting team scores 125 runs in their 2nd innings. After deducting the lead of 25 runs the target will be only 100 runs for the second batting team in the second innings. If the second batting team scores 101 runs within the remaining days and overs they win, if they fail to chase the target and get all out they lose the match. If the team neither got all out nor chased the target and time of 5 days gets over the match will be drawn.

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One day international cricket is played for 50-50 overs each. As the name suggests this game is played for only one day. Unlike test matches, both teams get 1 innings for batting and bowling. There are 15 players out of which 11 players play on field and 4 kept as bench players.

T20 cricket

This is the shortest and latest cricket form played for 20-20 overs each team. Total 15 players were selected in one team out of which 11 players used to play in the match. As per the T20 latest rules total 12 players have been seen playing on the field from one side. This rule is known as the impact player rule. 

According to the rule captain can utilize 12th man as per the match situation for batting or bowling replacing the older player. Captain can send the bowler back (if not delivered any over) to the pavilion in between the match and use the 12th man for bowling. Similarly the captain can use the 12th man on batting by replacing any other batsman, all rounder or bowler who haven’t batted.


How many players in cricket match ODI?

11 players from each team play on a ground known as playing 11.
Total player in 1 team = 15 players.
Players play on the ground from 1 team = 11 players.
Reserved players 1 team = 4 players.

How many players are there in cricket test match?

Total players 1 team = 15 players.
Extra = 4 players.
Players play a match = 11 players each team (playing 11).

How many players are there in a cricket team t20?

Total players 1 team = 15 players.
Extra = 4 players.
Players play a match = 11 players each team (playing 11).
12th man = Impact player.

How many umpire in cricket match?

Total umpire = 3 umpires.
On field umpires = 2  umpires. 
Off field umpire = 3rd umpire (tv umpire).

How many age to join cricket academy?

It is good to join a cricket academy at the age of 7 up to 25 years or as per the player’s interest and need.

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