How many players in cricket team ODI t20 test match

Playing 11 are players who play on the ground and rest sit on the bench. Bench players can be called to play on the ground anytime. 

How many players in cricket team ODI t20 test match

There are 11 players in each cricket team. Cricket is fundamentally similar to baseball. Both these games are played with bat and ball. Cricket is played between two teams in a ground of 140 and 150 metre (mens cricket), 110 metre and 130 metre (women’s cricket), cricket pitch of 22 metre yards. 

Cricket matches are played between two teams on a ground and there are 11 players in each team. The details about all these 11 players are given below in brief. 

Batsman, bowler, wicket keeper and all rounder are the main roles performed by players.

It’s the captain’s choice that he/she can pick batsman/bowlers of their choice in the team to win the match. Captain can pick 5-6 batsmen, 4-5 bowlers and one wicket keeper in the team. The captain may choose 6 to 7 batsman, 3 bowler 1, allrounder and 1 wicketkeeper batsman as well. Captain always tries to choose a winning combination after observing the pitch.

Batsman – A player used to play cricket by hitting the ball with the bat. The batsman is fully covered from head to toe. He wears helmet on head, chest guard, elbow guard, gloves on palm, el guard, batting pads on legs and shoes.  

Bowler – A bowler used to throw a ball from the bowling end towards the batsman positioned on the batting end. Bowlers don’t wear stuff like batsmen, they only wear sports clothes and shoes. Bowlers often used to wear spike shoes to get rid of unwanted slides on the pitch.

Wicket keeper – Wicket keepers are fully covered like batsmen. They wear helmets, wicket keeping pads on legs, knee guard, el guard and wicket keeping gloves. Wicket-keepers and bowlers are from the same team whereas the batsman is from the opposite team.  

All rounder – All rounders don’t wear any extra stuff similar to bowlers.  

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Uniform – Batting team and bowling team both have different colour uniforms. Australian cricket team wears yellow colour uniform, Indian team wears blue colour uniform, New Zealand wears black and Pakistan wears dark green. Similarly all the nations have different uniform colours. Uniform colour is not fixed and can be changed by any nation. There is not any specific reason behind the uniform colours. It might be chosen on the basis of country history, future plan or it might be just their favourite colour. 

T20 cricket

It is the shortest form of cricket, a 20-20 over match. In t20 cricket impact player rule allows 12 players to play from one side. According to impact player rule, the captain can allow an extra batsman or bowler and dismiss the services of an already playing player. The captain has chosen 5 bowlers and 6 batsmen in his team but at some moment he needs an extra batsman to reach the target. In this case he can drop any bowler who might have bowled some overs or completed his spell.

ODI cricket

It is a 50-50 over game played between both teams. Each team contains 11 players. It is also known as one day cricket.

Test cricket

Test cricket is the longest form of cricket played for 5 days. Every day 90 overs can be thrown by the bowling side. In test cricket there are 11 players in each team.

All cricket team uniform colour

All international cricket team jersey colours are given below:

  • Australia – Yellow.
  • India – Blue.
  • New Zealand – Black.
  • South Africa – Green.
  • England – Blue.
  • West Indies – Brown. 
  • Pakistan – Dark green. 
  • Sri Lanka – Dark blue mix.
  • Bangladesh – Dark green.
  • Afghanistan – Blue mix.
  • Netherlands – Orange.


How many players are there in cricket?

Cricket match is played between 2 teams on a ground. 11 players in one team. These 11 players are called playing 11.

How many overs are there in t20 cricket?

20-20 overs each are thrown by both teams.

How many overs are there in one day cricket?

It is a 50 over game for each team and also known as odi cricket.

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