How to play Ranji Trophy selection process age limit

First candidates need to participate in district cricket then state cricket to reach the Ranji trophy tournament. Ranji trophy selection process including documents, trials, age limit, age category and different types of domestic cricket tournaments are explained in this blog post.

Quick answer– Play state cricket to get chance to play Ranji cricket, no upper age limit, Ranji trophy format round robin, it is a 5 day game based on test cricket format. 

If you are 14 to 17 or 26 to 35 years old and have a cricket passion and want to know how to become a cricketer, play domestic cricket then this content is for you.

How to play Ranji Trophy 

Ranji trophy format is a round robin; it is a 5 day cricket based on test cricket format. The player must participate in district and state cricket, after that he/she can be called for Ranji trophy trials in their respective states.

In the beginning players need to play in district cricket. After a consistent performance throughout a year or more, players are selected for State Cricket. Those who do not get selected can give a trial for state cricket. Players performing consistently in state cricket are picked by domestic cricket teams. Players playing state cricket get the chance to participate in domestic cricket trials. 

14 to 17 year old players playing state cricket can easily participate in domestic trials. The open age categories are also available so players above 23 playing in state cricket can also participate in the domestic cricket trials. Players performing well in the Ranji trophy get more chances to be selected in the Indian cricket team. 

The selection process is of two types. Firstly, Ranji trophy format is round robin format in which all matches are played for 4 days. The other type is a knockout match in which the game is played for 5 days.

Ranji trophy age limit

Under 14, under 16, under 19, under 23 and open age are some age categories in Ranji trophy. Players above 23 years can participate in the open age category. The open age category doesn’t have any upper age limit; players from 23 years to 35, 45 years or even more years can participate in the trials under the open age category. 

45 years old Wasim Zafar still plays cricket for Mumbai Ranji team and is known as Bhishm Pitamah of mumbai cricket team. Lots of players above 35 to 40 years are playing IPL cricket. One just needs to give the correct trial at correct places. 

Ranji Trophy players salary

Playing 11 gets Rs 35000 per match whereas the bench players get half salary which is Rs 17500 per match. 

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Ranji trophy selection process

One must have a salary slip and this ridiculous rule is made by some intelligent people related to cricket.  

What if a person is a farmer, jobless, doing a job but getting a cash salary, related to the army family and just shifted to native town, small businessman/woman, small shopkeeper, having a shop on rent. These kinds of people are victims of this unwanted cricket rule. Instead of this aadhar card, ration card, residential proof and some other documents can be checked to identify the persons identification. 

Salary slips should not be mandatory because jobs are still a big problem in our country. In the private sector people shift their jobs in 6 to 8 months as well. This is why job salary slip should not be a parameter for trial participation; it is reducing the chances of talented people who can give their valuable services to cricket. Selectors must focus on pure talent not on salary slip.

BCCI efforts are appreciated who kept no upper age limit so that most people can apply. At the same time, the salary slip rule is spoiling the trial participation especially in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is already very late and got their 1st Uttarakhand cricket team in 2018, still not clear on selection parameters.

Cricket trial registration school students 12 to 19 years

The below given details are required for Uttarakhand Cricket Trials. The same might be eligible in your state as well but you need to cross check. A PDF file is required for all the documents.

School students cricket trials

  1. Computerised date of birth.
  2. 3 years education Bonafide certificate.
  3. Candidates Aadhar card.
  4. Parents Aadhar card.
  5. Parents’ marriage date .
  6. Students blood group.
  7. Passport size photo JPG format.

Open age category cricket trial

  1. Computerized date of birth.
  2. 1 year job salary slip proof.
  3. Candidates Aadhar card.
  4. Parents Aadhar card.
  5. Domicile.
  6. Candidates blood group.
  7. Passport size photo (JPG). 

Why salary slip – In Uttarakhand state one must have a salary slip while participating under the open age category. No matter if you have lived in Uttarakhand for the last 15 years, no matter if you have an Aadhar card, voter card, passport, PAN card, name on ration card, electricity bill of the same state and your concerned city. 

Uttarakhand cricket team selection

To participate in Uttarakhand cricket trials one can directly visit Bhalla stadium located 1.1 km away from the Haridwar bus stand. Uttrakhand Cricket Association office is located near by the stadium, meet officers and ask them to give the trial form. Uttarakhand cricket trial form price may be between Rs 300 to Rs 500. This trial occurs every year and the trial dates information published in local newspapers Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala just 1.5 weeks before trials.

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