Andrew tate height weight age kickboxing record net worth

Andrew Tate height weight age kickboxing record net worth and personal life is shared in this blog post.

Fast forward – Andrew Tate height 6 ft 3 inch, age 38 years, weight 198 lb (90 kg), kickboxing record 4 times ISKA champion.

Andrew and Tristan brothers both are tall, dark, handsome living in Romania. People often get confused and ask is Tristan or Andrew older? The answer is Andrew is older brother. The brief introduction about Andrew Tate is given below.

Andrew tate height age weight kickboxing record net worth 

Currently Andrew Tate age is 38 years, he was born on 14 December 1986 in the house of Emory Tate. His daddy Emory Tate was a former chess player. Full name of kickboxer Andrew is Emory Andrew Tate III. Andrew Tate height is 6 feet 3 inch He is an internet personality by profession and has a professional website

He has citizenship of the United States and United Kingdom. He was a former kickboxer holding good records, Andrew Tate weight is 198 lb (90 kg). He has played for storm gym and his kickboxing name is King Cobra. He was ISKA kickboxing champion four times. 

Andrew Tate mma record is awesome and the fighter has played 3 matches, won 2 and lost one. Andrew Tate runs hustler university business in which his younger brother Tristan helps him. Andrew Tate often found in controversies, he was suspended from the popular show Big Brother.

Andrew Tate net worth mostly comes from hustler university in which web and computer courses are provided to earn real money. His brother Tristan Tate is a businessman, television personality and fight commentator.

  • Andrew Tate 
  • Daddy name – Emory Tate.
  • Emory Tate profession – Former chess player.
  • Full name – Emory Endrew Tate  III.
  • Birth date – 14 December 1986.
  • Andrew Tate Age – 38 Years. 
  • Citizenship – United States and United Kingdom. 
  • Occupation – Internet personality, Hustler University owner.
  • Andrew Tate height – 6 ft 3 in.
  • Andrew Tate weight – 198 lb (90 kg).
  • Played for team – Storm Gym.
  • Kickboxing nickname – King Cobra.
  • ISKA kickboxing champion – 4 times.
  • Andrew Tate MMA record = 3 matches played, 2 won & 1 loss.

Andrew Tate kickboxing record 

Andrew Tate was a fantastic kick boxer who played 85 matches and won 76 matches. In 76 matches he won 23 by knockout and lost 9 matches. He was ISKA champion four times. His brother Tristan Tate was also a fantastic kickboxer who won 43 matches and lost 9 matches. Tristan was two times European champion and retired after a car accident right shoulder injury.

kickboxing record

  • Total matches – 85.
  • Matches won – 76.
  • Knockout victory – 23.
  • Matches lost – 09.
  • Champion – ISKA champion 4 times.


How old are Andrew and Tristan Tate?

Andrew Tate age – 38 years.
Tristan Tate age – 36 years.

Who’s older Andrew or Tristan Tate?

Andrew is older than Tristan, he is the elder brother of Tristan Tate.

Andrew Tate citizenships belong to which country?

United States and United Kingdom.

Who is taller Tristan or Andrew?

Both are of the same height but Tristan is slightly taller than Andrew.

Is Andrew Tate taller than Logan Paul?

Andrew is slightly taller than Paul.

What is Andrew Tate mma record?

MMA record = 3 matches played, 2 won & 1 loss.

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