Tristan Tate height in cm ft age weight net worth

Tristan Tate is a tall handsome personality well known for his lavish lifestyle in Romania. He is so popular so people often searches about his height, age, weight, lifestyle, marriage, net worth and family. The said details are given in this blog post.

Tristan Tate height in cm ft age weight net worth

34 years old millionaire Tristan tate’s height in cm is 193 cm and lots of people search about his height on various web browsers such as google, bing, mozila etc. Mr. Tate was born on 15 July 1988 in the United Kingdom and he is a well known tall handsome internet personality. Tristan Tate is a famous celebrity and lives in Romania. Mr. Tate was a former kickboxing champion of Europe and now doing successful business. Tristan and Andrew Tate both are brothers and Tristan helps to run his brother Andrew’s Hustler University. Trisan Tate is on some other social media platforms like where you can also follow him on gettr. He has a net worth of $110 million.

Tristan Tate wife

Tristan Tate kickboxing record is phenomenal and immense commitment might be one of the reason he has not married yet. Tristan Tate is a single man and write single on marital status. He had a romance and relationship with a woman called Bianca Dragusanu. However, relationship is ended and Tristan is still single. 

Tristan Tate

NameTristan Tate
Age35 years
D.O.B15 July 1988
Birth placeUnited Kingdom
Height193 cm
Weight80 kg
Nationality American British
ProfessionCommentator and businessmen
Tristan Tate information given in the table. Tristan Tate is the online membership professional website of this former kickboxer. Through this website Tristan Tate teaches people to earn money in real world with the help of his team. While landing in this website one can see the homepage consisting of three options including learn skills to make money in the real world, follow me on Gettrr and watch my videos. The background of this homepage is decorated with Tristan tate image and at the top little roundish image of this person is shown. Just below this little image a hook line is written – The Talisman – European kickboxing champion, Millionaire, Philanthropist

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Andrew Tate

Andrew is a son of former chess player Mr. Emoy Andrew Tate. He is a businessman, former kickboxing champion and well known British-America social media personality. Andrew is the elder brother of Tristan Tate. Andrew is known for controversies and often found trapped in controversies he was also part of British Big Brother show and removed from that show due to his comment on social media. It was 17th season of big brother UK in 2016. He is 36 years old well known internet personality born on 14 December 1986. He is 6 feet 3 inch taller with approx 90 kg weight. Andrew was a fantastic kick boxer and holds a great record. He has played 85 matches, won 76 matches and lost 9 matches. 

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What is Tristan Tate height in cm?

193 cm.

What is Tristan Tate age in 2023?

35 years.

What is Tristan Tate net worth?

$110 million.

What is Tristan Tate weight?

Tristan Tate weight is 80 kg.

Are Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate both are brothers?

Yes both are brothers, Andrew is elder brother of Tristan.

Who is more rich Tristan or Andrew Tate?

Andrew is richer because his net worth is $355 million where’s Tristan’s net worth is $110 million.

How tall is Tristan Tate in feet and meter?

6 feet 3 inches and 1.93 meters.

Is Tristan Tate married?

No, the former kickboxer Tristan is not married yet.

What is the name of Tristan Tate website? is a website where this millionaire offers new comers learn skill to make money in real world.

How did Tristan Tate get rich?

He has different businesses including webcam modelling business, Romania casino business and he also have online membership website called

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