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Golf is a game played on a large ground with the help of club and a tiny hard ball. The ground in which this game is played is called a golf course. This post will guide about the golf game, sports equipment required for this game rules and regulation of the game and about the ground.

Necessary equipment’s – Club, golf ball, golf cart.

Technical terms – Tea box, fairway, rough, hazard, green, cups, par.

Before understanding what is golf game all about one need to understand the technical terms used in golf game so that beginners can also easily understand this game in better way. Let’s begin step by step.

What is golf game explained in simple words

Golf is a sport played in a large ground which do not have any dimension, this ground is known as Golf Course. The existing holes in a golf course are technically called cups and a golf courses is measured by the number of cups present on it. Most of the golf courses consist of 9 or 18 cups. The sport contains start and finish points similar to race but here start point is known as T and finish point contains holes. To take practical golf lessons like swing, hit etc you can join golf academy in your region.


The ground containing 9 cups will have 9 T box and the ground containing 18 cups/holes may have 18 or more T meaning starting points. Point to be noted here is the golf course contains 9 or 18 cups (finish points), the starting points may be more similar to Marathon games where starting points are different for ladies, kids, youth and professionals but the finish point is similar. 

Golf courses are very large in size containing natural obstacles like trees, ponds, sand, soil and slopes etc which makes this game difficult and interesting. Whether it’s 9 cup ground or 18 cup ground the player who places the ball into the cups by playing fewer shots wins the match.

The golf player starts from the 1st t and tries to place the ball into the whole with minimum shots and once achieved the target player moves forward towards another T. Where the player again tries to deliver a shot straight into the hole by playing fewer shots. The player who places the ball into the cup by playing fewer shots wins the match. 

Technical terms in golf

Club –  it is a thin hockey type stick used by a player to hit the ball.

Golf ball – It is a tiny hard ball with the dotted surface.

Golf cart –  it is a small battery car used by the player to travel from one place to another place in the large ground.

Golf course – The ground consists of 9 or 18 holes in which a golf game is played is known as a golf course.

Tea box – It is a starting place from where the game begins and player is allowed to touch or hold the ball in this box only.

Fairway – The region between tea and hole is known as fairway in golf game.

Par – It is a shot count, the ball hit by golfer goes into the hole and will be counted as one par.

Rough – The region outside fairway is called as rough. 


What is golf game?

It is a game played with the help of club and ball in golf course.

What is a club in golf game? 

Club is the stick used by golf players to hit the ball. 

What is cup in this game?

Cups are small holes in the golf course in which player have to place the ball by hitting or pushing through the club.

What is golf cart?

It is a small battery car which is used by the player to reach the ball.

What is the golf ground known as?

The ground is known as a golf course.

What is rough?

It is a place outside fairway.

What is fairway in golf?

It is a region between tea and hole.

What is T in golf game?

It is the starting point from where golfer used to hit the ball.

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