Andrew and Tristan Tate age height weight net worth record

Tristan Tate was a former kick boxing champion. This blog explores Tristan Tate age, height, weight, grobe and kickboxing record along with net worth. Important terms from Tate’s biography is picked here which covers his family, siblings, Instagram id, Hustler University, his brother Andrew Tate and more.

Fast forward – Tristan Tate height in cm 193, age 35 years, weight approx 80 kg, net worth $110 million.

andrew and Tristan Tate age height weight net worth record

Tristan Tate tall handsome person was born on 15 July 1988 in United Kingdom and holds British citizenship and lives in Romania. Tristan Tate weight 80 kg weight (176 lb) and height is 193 cm with and a solid grobe personality. Due to huge fan following people living in Netherlands, Australia, UK and USA often search about Tristan Tate height (163 cm), age (35 years) and weight (80 kg approx) which is given in this post.

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Tristan Tate is a former European kickboxing champion and he helped grow his brother Adrew Tate’s Hustler University business. Andrew Tate is the elder brother of Tristan Tate who is also a former cruise weight Kick boxer. Both Tate brothers have done exceptionally well in their careers. Brother Andrew Tate is well known for controversies. Hustler University worth is millions of dollars which provides a huge income to siblings. With this money Tristan Tate and Andrew tate live a wealthy lifestyle in Romania.

Hustler University 

Tristan Tate and his sibling Andrew Tate established and developed the university together. Hustler University is known for advance level education including web and numerous computerized course for bringing in cash, interfacing with different business visionaries. Tristan Tate is known for living calm life whereas sibling Adrew Tate is well known for his disputes and intense cases.

Tristan Tate Andrew Tate brothers

Tristan TateAndrew Tate
Daddy – Emory Tate.
Full name – Tristan Tate.
Date of birth – 15 July 1988. 
Tristan Tate Age current – 36 years.
Place of birth – United Kingdom.
Citizenship – British.
Residence place – Romania.
Tristan Tate height – 6 fit 3 inch (1.93 m).
Weight – 80 kg (176lb).
Nationality – American, British.
Profession – Kickboxer, commentator, businessman.
kickboxing nick name – Talisman.
Tristan Tate Instagram id – talismantate.
Tristan Tate –
Andrew daddy’s name – Emory Tate.
Emory Tate occupation – Former chess player.
Full name – Emory Endrew Tate  III.
Born – 14 December 1986.
Andrew Tate Age – 38 Years. 
Citizenship –  United States, United Kingdom. 
Occupation – Internet personality.
Height – 6 ft 3 in.
Weight – 198 lb (90 kg).
Team – Storm Gym.
Kickboxing nickname – King Cobra.
ISKA kickboxing champion – 4 times.
MMA record = 3 match played, 2 won & 1 loss.
Andrew Tate website name –
Information about Tristan and Andrew Tate is given in the table.

TRISTAN TATE kickboxing record


Tristan Tate is a famous handsome celeb who have already achieved various achievements in small age of 35 years only. Tristan Tate was one of the most lethal and successful kickboxer of his time. Apart from his kick boxing career Tristan Tate is a businessman and television personality. Professionally Tristan Tate is a fight commentator for boxnation and for also various Eurosport broadcast events.

While talking about Tristan Tate records he was 2 time champion at International Karate Association. His medicine appearance in Romanian extreme fighting and Super kombat etc. 

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Tristan Tate net worth

In England Tristan Tate is a successful name due to unbelievable achievements in his career. Earlier he was a professional kickboxer and currently he is a television personality and a businessman.

Name = Tristan Tate
Estimated Tristan Tate Net worth in 2022 = $110 Million.
Profession = Former kickboxer, businessman and television personality.
Tate monthly income = $1 million plus
Tate yearly income and salary = $10 Million plus
Tristan Tate information given in this table.


Andrew Tate kick boxing recordTristan Tate kick boxing record
Total – Matches 85.
Wins – 76.
By Knockout – 23.
Match loses – 9.
ISKA champion 4 times.
Win – 43 fights.
Lost – 9 fights.
European champion 2 times.
Retired – After car accident (shoulder injury).
Andrew and Tristan Tate kickboxing record is given in the table.
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Who is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate is a former kickboxing champion who lives a wealthy life in Romania.

What is the age of Tristan Tate?

At the time of writing this blog post Tristan Tate age is 35 years. 

How tall is Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate height in cm is 193 cm. 

What is Hustler University known for?

Hustler University provides a platform where members pay a monthly fees to receive advice and instructions on topics including cryptocurrency trading and drop shipping.  

Where is the birthplace of Tristan tate?

United Kingdom.

Why Andrew Tate is so rich?

Due to Hustler University business profit Andrew Tate became a millionaire.  

From which Big Brother season Andrew Tate was removed for his tweets. 

17th season of Big Brother UK in 2016. 

What is Andrew Tates net worth?

Approximately $355 milion.

What is Tristan Tate’s net worth 2022?

Net worth of Tristan Tate in 2023 is approximately $110 million. 

What is relation between Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is the sibling of Tristan Tate well known for controversies.

What is the weight of Tristan Tate?

Tristan Tate weight in kg is 80 kg.

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