Worlds longest six in cricket hit by Albert Trott 164 meter

Longest six in cricket history was hit by Albert Trott. Albert was a player who has created a history with his bat that is still remembered in the cricket. Let’s identify who is Albert?

It’s not Afridi, not Dhoni, not Devilliers, not Yuvi and not even Gayle. Then who is he! It is the story of Albert Trott, former England player from whom bowlers threatened. 

Yes it’s true all the legend players who have achieved milestones and created histories are not able to reach nearby Alberts six even after that decade.

Worlds longest six in cricket hit by Albert Trott 164 meter

Years ago a baby boy born in Australia named Albert by his daddy and mummy. While giving name to his son Albert’s daddy was unaware that one day his son will hit a daddy six in cricket which will be remembered in cricket forever.

Years ago a very high and handsome six was hit by a man which created a record which is still unbroken. That six was hit by Albert Trott. It was a 164 meter long six hit by Mr. Albert in the Lords cricket ground and this ground is well known as makka of cricket. It was a huge six and crossed the pavilion of the Lords ground. Lords ground is not a small ground it is one of the biggest grounds in the cricket world.

Longest six hitting player list in cricket 

1. Albert Trott

The longest six in cricket history hit by Albert Trott. He belongs to England and hit a six of 164 meter long in Lords cricket ground. 

2. Chris Lin 

Chris hit longest six in the history of Big Bash League. He smashes 121 meter long six towards mid on region with beautiful timing. The six was hit on Tets ball which came towards him with the speed of 147 km/ph. 

3. Chore Anderson 

In 2014 against India Anderson hit 120 meter long six on Ishan Sharma’s delivery. 

4. Yuvraj Singh 

Yuvraj is one of the finest left handed batsman also known as sixer king because he hit 6 sixes in a single over. It was India and England match and Yuvraj Singh was on top form suddenly Andrew Flintof came to him and said something to disturb his rhythm. But it went against England and young bowler Stuart Broad had to face Yuvi’s anger. Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes in six balls of Stuart Broad. 

5. Daniel Christian

In 2015 a match occurred between Hurricane and Hobart in which Daniel hit 117 meter long six. 

6. MSD

Owner of helicopter shot Mr MS Dhoni hit 112 meter long six in 2011-12 during commonwealth (CB) bank series. 

7. Ejaj Ahmad 

In 1999 during England versus Pakistan match Pakistani player Ijaz Ahmed a long 6 went outside the stadium. 

8. MSD

In 2009 Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit helicopter shot against New Zealand which went to the stands. 

9. Shahid Afridi 

It was a match between Pakistan and Australia in the Perth cricket stadium in 2005 and boom boom Afridi hit a six that went upon a dome.

top 3 Longest six in cricket player names

1.Albert Trott,164 mt.
2.Chris Lin, 121 mt.
3.Chore Anderson, 120 mt.

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