How to become cricketer after 10th class

Most students complete their 12th class at the age of 18. Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket for India at the age of 16 only and at that time he was pursuing his 10th class. 

Yes, it is  possible to become a cricketer after 12th class even during studying in 10th class as Sachin and Parthiv Patel did. 

If you really want to make your career in cricket then I request deeply follow the steps given in this post and executive practically.

How to become cricketer after 10th class

Any hardworking passionate person with few talent can become cricketer with the correct information.

Join cricket club – Not only due to heavy competition but in some states like Uttarakhand cricket club joining is compulsory for participating in trials. I know this is not worth it but Haridwar region of Uttarakhand has conducted district level trials by only accepting the players playing in cricket clubs. So make sure check this situation at your region and if required then join the club. Apart from this one can get a very good practice in clubs which players cannot arrange at home. 

Without cricket club – It is not mandatory to join cricket club in most states for participating in cricket trials except Haridwar region of Uttarakhand. If you are not able to join the club then start cricket practice at home by making a very good schedule. One must make the schedule without disturbing studies, jobs, preparations or other work.  

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Tournaments – Once you join a cricket club make sure to play a good number of matches continuously. Without playing matches you will never get a match practice idea and it will become difficult for you to crack the camp trials which take place after trials. Immediately change the cricket club which is not allowing you to play in the match and making you sit most of the time this will waste your time and talent.

Cricket trials – Never miss cricket trials even if you are not fully prepared or not prepared at all. Participating in trials will give you a good idea for preparing your weakness. At first you have to give district cricket trials which takes place every year. Trial timings may differ state to state, in some states trials occur in beginning of the year January and February whereas in some other states it takes place at the end of the year during December. 

How to know about trials – Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala are two newspapers that regularly publish the district cricket trial dates. So it’s your responsibility to keep eye on any one of these papers. Remember they publish cricket trial dates only 15 days before. Therefore, first visit the district cricket association of your region and ask the president or secretary about the appropriate trial month so that you can track the date easily through newspapers Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran. 

Cricket trial forms location and fees – Once you know about the exact trial date, now it’s time to visit once again to the district Cricket association of your region. I said second time visit because first time you have to visit for the trial month inquiry read the above paragraph for clarity. After reaching the district cricket association ask president or secretary of the association to provide the form. Form fees may differ region to region on an average the form price is Rs 350. 

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What happens in trial – First of all player must reach the trial at time in white uniform wearing t-shirts and lowers. Avoid wearing pant, shirt or jeans; selectors might send you back to your home. Once reaching the ground selectors will ask you to choose batting or bowling. If you are all rounder then inform them about your all rounder skills. Now they will ask batsman to bat and bowlers to bowl and all rounders will field first. Wicket keepers will also get chance to perform. Selectors will keep noting each and every player and select players on the performance basis.

After trial completion selectors will call all the names who are selected and they will give a particular date for camp to these selected players. Selection process is yet not over instead the process will get completed after camp.There are high chances of selecting around 50-60 candidates for camp. In the trial camp  these selected candidates will be divided into two or three teams for cricket match. Now they have to perform in the match as well. Apart from match performance selectors will also notice the solo performance of the player so tie your shoes and get ready for the cricket trials in India. 

Once you get selected in district cricket you have to perform continuously throughout the year to become a part of state cricket. Once you are selected in state cricket then by performing regularly you may get selected for for domestic cricket such as Ranji, Vijay hazare and Duleep trophy etc. Some zone teams may also pick you in their team during your state level performances. 

When you start playing in domestic cricket like Ranji trophy their are very high chances to get selected for Indian under 19 cricket team, IPL cricket or directly to Indian National Cricket Team.

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How to become cricketer after 10th class

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