Warm up exercises before game

Game should be pre decided as per the time table however it can be changed according to the weather. Divide students in two teams. Mix up boys and girls in each team, make sure both team containing good players. Equal strength team is important to maintain the enthusiasm between students. Teachers should also involve in the game and perform as a player as well as a referee.

Warm up exercises 

  • 15 minutes warmup session is necessary. 
  • Make students stand in rows of 3×5.  
  • 3 students will stand in front and five or more in back.
  • Ask for any illness.
  • Make unfit students sit on the ground near class.
  • Dont send these students in class.
  • Start jogging and take minimum two rounds of 200 meter ground.
  • Students should run on their toes.

Circle formation

  • After completing a couple of rounds form a wide circle. 
  • There should be proper distance between each student.
  • Make sure their hands or body parts do not touch each other while exercising.
  • Make one student stand in between a circle.

Begin exercise

Exercise should start from toe and end to head.

Lower body exercises

  • Begin the warm up exercise.
  • Put hands on waist. 
  • First step is toe twisting.
  • Then ankle twisting.
  • Start jumping on toes.
  • Shake the lower leg front and back.
  • Bend forward by stretching the knee. 
  • Lift the knee and get closer to chest.
  • Keep elbows closer to the waist palm face to the earth.
  • Try to touch the knee on your palms without moving hands.
  • Do it for 10-15 times.

Upper body exercises

  • Now rotate your waist here and there. 
  • Start upper body exercise. 
  • Bend upper body and touch your feets.
  • Start dragging your palms with each other.
  • Rotate your hands one by one to different directions.
  • Cross the hands one by one and stretch fully. 
  • Hands up and fully stretch your body upwards by standing on toe.
  • First move your neck left and right directions. 
  • Then rotate the neck 180°. 
  • Drag hands and touch the face.

Head exercise

  • Press your head with both hands.
  • Make both hands fingers cross with each other and press head.

Importance of warm up exercise

Warm up exercise is necessary before any play. It is required to get ready the muscles before play to avoid muscle pull problems. People playing without warm up sessions always in zone of inviting muscle pull or other damage. Warmup exercise enhances the performance initially. Whereas without warming up you need some time to adjust your body for the game resulting in a slow start leading to point deduction or no point for the team.

Relaxing exercise importance

Warm up exercises are important but one should not underestimate relaxing exercises. relaxing exercises or required to low down the temperature of your body after playing. You should not drink the water immediately after the play instead do the relaxup exercise to loosen down the muscles. 

Once the warm up session is over quickly arrange students together for the play.

Note – During the play students should not roam here and there and do not allow more than two students for drinking water at a time.


What is the time duration for warmup session?

Warmup session should be about 15 minutes.

Where should I send ill students?

Sick students shall sit nearby the concerned teachers class.

How many students can I send to drink water during games period?

Teacher should not send more than two students at a time.

Can students play different games of their choices?

No it’s teacher responsibility to make the whole class play a single game by dividing them in two teams.

Can I sit while students are playing?

No teacher is not allowed to sit during the game; instead he or she should be involved in the game with students as a partial player and as a referee.

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