Use of props for games class overview

Proper utilization during indoor and outdoor game is compulsory for teachers. Demonstration through props is a good practice to make students learn faster and easier.

Sports Props

  • Saucer cones 
  • Cones 
  • Flexi poles
  • Rings 
  • Skipping  
  • Balancing beam
  • Plastic balls 
  • Tennis balls 
  • Leather balls
  • Cricket bats 

The above given props are compulsory for each and every class from nursery to class 12th.   teachers are free to use these props accordingly. There are curriculum’s available explaining each prop utilisation which will help teachers to take classes. 

Teachers shall use these props during small activities and major games. Prop utilization during tournaments is compulsory. Prop decoration during parent teacher meetings is a must and teachers are informed to arrange all the props to pr-selective place. 

Teachers shall use all these props during indoor and outdoor games. 

Outdoor Games Indoor Games
Kho kho 
Lawn tennis 
Carrom board
Table tennis

How to use props for outdoor games

For outdoor games including football cricket place medium and large sized cones at boundaries as marking. There should be at least two hand distance between each cones,  place 1 flexi pole between two cones. Utilize saucer cones for making inside circles and inner boundaries. In cricket saucer cones can be used as a mark for bowler runup and 30 yard circle. In football these cones can be used for making goalkeepers region (D). Saucer cones, flexi poles and cones should be used for preparing basketball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi grounds. Props shall be used for demonstrating the skill for various games to the students.


In kho-kho cones can be used for standing or sitting area of the raider team. Saucer cones shall be used as a mark for chasing teams. Saucer cones shall be used for making rows for small kids as well as senior classes. For running and athlete events cones, saucer cones and flexi polls can be used thoroughly. These props are helpful for drills in basketball, volleyball and football.

How to use props for outdoor games

Whereas in indoor games sleeping bags, balancing beams and passing bags can be used for indoor activities. All these problems can be used for passing, balancing and catching games. Install and place the balancing beam on the floor and make students walk from it one by one. Parachute games should be used for nursery, lkg to 5th class this game shall not be used for above 5th class students. Make a circle of small kids and instruct them to hold the parachute from all corners and put some plastic balls into the parachute. First demonstrate how to bounce out the plastic balls then make students play. You can also invite teachers to join this game as a fun activity. Small kids will get inspired to play when seeing their teachers are also playing.


Which props shall I use to conduct classes?

Saucer cones, sleeping bags, tiny bags, cones, flexi poles, rings, skipping, balancing beam, plastic balls and tennis balls are some of the important props that can be used to conduct class.

Is it compulsory to use pops  for conducting indoor and outdoor classes?

Yes, it is compulsory.

Which box can I use for conducting outdoor classes?

Saucer cones, flexi poles, rings, plastic balls and tennis balls etc.

Which box can I use for conducting indoor classes?

Sleeping bags, tiny bags, cones, skipping, balancing beam and rings etc.

Is it compulsory to decorate props during parent teacher meetings?

Yes, teachers must decorate their props during PTM’s. 

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