Games with props Nursery to 2nd class part 1

Nursery to 2nd class time table time table is divided in two parts and this is part 1. Timetable for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is given in this post. Please check part 2 for the time table of Thursday, Friday and Saturday . It is compulsory for teachers to use props for each game.

Required props – Saucer cones, cones, rings, plastic balls, plastic bats, soft balls, balancing beam, sleeping bags, pyramid game, hurdles, parachute. 

Note – Teachers can also add props to the activity accordingly.

teacher priorities

Ground preparation and inspection – Its teacher responsibility to select the neat and clean area of the ground without any tiny stones, harmful material. Avoid playing in floors it may result in kids getting injured.

Stations – Making of station is necessary for every class. Its teachers duty to make required station before games.

Ready zone – Before play make students sit or stand in a row behind two cones, use this area for assigning them task.

Teach student – Before every game tell students about the benefits of the given task it will encourage them.


Running and Jumping activities

Props use for kids running activities – saucer cones, cones.

Make at least two stations: For running and jumping. 

Station 1 for Running

For running activity make 3 to 5 rows using saucer cones. 

Place a medium size cones at the corners of beginning, center and end of the rows.  

Ask another teacher to stand at the end of the row to identify first, second, third positions.

Allow only 3 to 5 students according to the number of rows. Demonstrate the students stance position and correct them as per need. Students shall start running on teachers whistle. Second station should be near the first station, send students who finished running immediately to the second station. 

Station 2 for Jumping

Activity 1 – Put 3 saucer cones and 2 cones at the corner as a starting line. Now place medium size rings at the equal distance in a straight line ending with 2 rings. 

Activity 2 – Beginning line should be same as above. Place medium size rings forming T shape. Put one ring right side and one ring left side of every second ring. 

Arrange students in a row coming from 1st station. First demonstrate students about activity 1 and activity 2. Then send them one by one to perform activity 1 and 2. 

Benefits – These activities will start building endurance in students.


Balancing games 

Make two stations one for single and one for team activity

Station 1 for solo activity

Prearrange the toys to keep on heads for balancing. 

  • Form three rows by using saucer cones and cones. 
  • Arrange all students in line behind couple of cones. 
  • First demonstrate how to walk in between rows by putting the soft toy on your head.
  • Now call three students and make them stand in front of rows and place soft toys on their heads. 
  • After your whistle students will start walking in between the rows. 
  • Student should carry the soft toy on head till the end point. 
  • Once they reach the end point, immediately send them to second station.

Station 2 for team activity

Make the rows with the help of saucer cones and cones. Remember, this time rows should be wider for team activity. 

  • First demonstrate with the help of another teacher. 
  • For better quality there should be total six students standing in three rows at a time.
  • Make two students standing in a single row holding the hands of each other. 
  • Place soft toys on the heads of each student. 
  • Make them walk by balancing the soft toy till the end point.
  • It’s a team game so don’t allow them to walk alone instead kids shall walk by holding their partners hand.  

Benefits – These activities will develop balancing capacity in students. 


Parachute game

Station 1

  • Select a small area for this game.
  • Open the parachute completely with the help of students.
  • Put 5 plastic balls into the parachute.
  • Arrange students stand beside parachute in a circle.
  • Involve class teachers as well.
  • Start demonstrating by rubbing your both palms with each other. 
  • Touch your face with both hands then touch your shoulders, then waist, then knees.
  • After touching knees hold the parachute with both hands.
  • After whistle start bouncing the parachute with both hands.
  • Now make students perform this activity on your counting and whistle. 
  • Tell students to throw out the plastic balls by bouncing the parachute. 
  • Explain them to do the activity together to achieve good results.

Benefits – This game will develop team coordination among students.

Before 5 minutes of ringing bell its teachers responsibility to arrange students together and form a line. Don’t wait for bell instead start walking towards class. During walking students hand should be at their back. 1 PE teacher will walk in front and one will walk behind the students in order to maintain the discipline. In case of only one teacher then he/she should manage all the students by own or take the help of class teacher.

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