Sports goods wholesale shop address price mobile number

This post will guide you about the wholesale cost and exact address, contact number of the sports equipment market, shop. 

According to the shopkeeper one must order at least Rs 10,000 to get the below given discounts.

Sports goods wholesale shop address price mobile number

If you are a supplier of sports equipment or you have a sports goods shop then you must purchase quality item in bulk from the wholesale market of sports goods. This is the right way to generate good income.  while purchasing one or two items you may not get the good discount rate but it when purchasing items in bulk you will definitely get discount on each item. Today I am talking about the factory rate of sports goods and also guide you the exact shop address from where you can get the factory rate or closer to it. Sports goods wholesale market in India is located in New Delhi.

Before you plan to purchase lots of items in bulk one thing I would like to mention here while visiting to the market you must check the quality by your own. The best way to check the quality is to use the materials for sometime in this case you can purchase a small quantity of items and let them use by children once these sports items meet your expectations you can purchase more items. 

While purchasing tennis ball cricket bats in bulk meaning 8 to 10 bats you have to pay Rs 20 to Rs 250 according to their sizes and quality. Here you will get leather bats starting from Rs 450 while purchasing in bulk. Plastic bats are sold in in dozens and for 1 dozen you have to pay only Rs 90  thus you will get 12 plastic bats in Rupees 90 only. 

Skipping ropes can be found on the cheapest rate beginning from Rs 8 only. Price of one tennis ball begins from Rs 6 only again you have to check the quality and purpose to use this ball. This category ball can be used for nursery class students because it’s very soft and do not bounce much. Rubber balls for class 2nd and 3rd students are available at Rs 10 only. Small size portable carrom boards are trending these days and you can buy them @ Rs 60 to Rs 170 along with striker and gotiyan when purchasing in bulk.

Carrom board in wood are available at the price of Rs 160 to Rs 450, its 32 inch carrom board which you can purchase only in Rs 450. 1 dozen plastic balls are available @ Rs 30 to Rs 40. 1 pair badminton rackets are available hair @ Rs 25 to Rs 50. Along with badminton you need shuttlecock and the price of shuttlecocks are Rs 2 to 2.50 per piece thus you get a 10 piece box of shuttlecock at the rate of rupees 20 to 30. 

You have to pay Rs 6 to 8 for 1 piece of shuttlecock thus you’re paying upto Rs 80 for good quality shuttlecocks. Mohan Bagan Kolkata is famous for football and in this market you can get the cheapest football @ Rs 65 to Rs 450 again depending on quality. 

Now you might be thinking whether the above given prices are real or fake. Let me clear you these prices are definitely genuine having terms and conditions of shopkeepers. According to sports shopkeeper one have to purchase items of minimum Rs 10,000 to avail the benefits of discounted rate.

The list of sports items are given below

Small size Tennis bat = Rs 20 – Rs 40
Medium size is bat = Rs 80 – Rs 200
Full size Tennis bat = Rs 250 – Rs 500
Leather bats = Rs 450 – Rs 1500
Skipping ropes per piece = Rs 8 – Rs 80 
Tennis ball per piece  = Rs 6 to Rs 50
Rubber ball per piece = Rs 10 to Rs 25 
1 dozen plastic balls = Rs 30 to Rs 40
Carrom board = Rs 160 to Rs 450 
Badminton rackets pair = Rs 25 to Rs 50 
Shuttlecock price per box = Rs 20 to Rs 80 
Carrom board striker box = Rs 12
Football price = Rs 65 to Rs 450

Address of the wholesale shop sports 

Sadar bazaar market, New Delhi 

If you are coming from trains then this market is situated near new Delhi railway station and old Delhi railway station. While approaching the market through metro there are more than 3 metro stations nearby the market Rama Krishna, New Delhi and Teeshazari metro station. Contact number of shopkeeper – 8447726146, 9717767383.

Payment mode

You can pay via google pay or any other online platform, if you have current account then you can use that as well and cash payments are also available here. If you don’t have a GST number then you can use your aadhar card to book the goods. On the basis of your Aadhaar card you can book a vehicle from a nearby vehicle booking centre of yours.

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