Online sports classes for school students

Teachers are responsible to conduct half an hour online classes from Monday to Saturday and 1 hour special online class for whole school on Sunday. 

Online classes for school students

Monday to Friday half an hour online classes

Online classes which daddy100 teachers are responsible to take are divided in two types. Firstly teachers will make different teams for different games and take online classes after school from their houses. This will make students active in digital uses. It’s very important to understand online learning not only in teaching subjects but also in playing subjects such as physical education. Make sure that every student is attending the online class and visiting our websites only. Teachers are strictly informed that they must use our website’s only to teach the students online.

They may face a penalty while teaching students from other websites or platforms. Teachers have to conduct these online classes of half an hour from Monday to Saturday. The motive of these short online classes is to build the habit of learning online sports education in students. It will also improve their confidence and internet skills in right direction. Another online class will be for 1 hour which is discussed in the below given paragraph.

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1 hour online class for whole school 

This class will be conducted on Sunday by daddy100 sports teachers. It is 1 hour long online class in which all the students from the school will participate. In this class student will do physical activity from their house and daddy100 teachers will conduct online class through google meet. Sunday one hour class is divided into 5 parts and it will begin with 5 minutes stretching muscles followed by 20 minutes PT exercise. Then 5 minutes relaxing muscles is compulsory to built the correct exercise finishing habit in students. After that 15 minutes yoga and meditation will be performed and in the last 15 minutes learning classes will be done through our websites. Teachers will demonstrate first and students will follow the teacher during all the exercise and yoga activities. It is compulsory to conduct the 15 minute online learning classes through our websites and teachers should make all the students participate in the learning as well. 


  • 1 hour online physical activity for the whole school.
  • 05 minutes – Stretching muscles. 
  • 20 minutes – PT exercise. 
  • 05 minutes – Relaxing muscles.
  • 15 minutes – Yoga and meditation.
  • 15 minutes – Online learning through our websites.

Teachers responsibility

Teachers must learn how to share the link in google meets or zoom meetings. Teachers will be responsible to organize all the activity required for online classes. They must wish principles and company before start of the class they must clearly elaborate everything to students step by step. To make the online classes a successful demonstration is compulsory as it will make the job easier.

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Is it compulsory to conduct daily 30 minute class?

Yes, it is compulsory for daddy100 teachers to conduct daily 30 minute classes as well as 1 hour Sunday online class otherwise they may face penalty.

How many students should participate in daily 30 minute online classes?

30 to 50 students must participate on a daily basis. For that teacher should make batches of different classes and maintain a dedicated online class time table accordingly.

How many students should participate in 1 hour Sunday online class?

The whole school should participate in one hour Sunday special online class.

Is it compulsory to conduct 1 hour Sunday online class?

Yes, it is a special online class and teachers must conduct the class on time.

Is it compulsory to take theory online classes through websites?

Yes, in our websites the required content according to our curriculum is given to teach the students. Therefore it is compulsory to use only our websites.

Which website should I use to conduct online classes? is in English and one other sports website in Hindi which is mentioned in teachers guideline is compulsory.

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