games timetable nursery to 2nd class part 2

In this time table playing activities with the help of props is explained along with the benefits. Which possible skills of students can be developed by playing the particular games is shared.

This is the timetable part 2 from Thursday to Saturday for games classes with props for nursery to 2nd classes. To know about time table part 1 from Monday to Wednesday click here.


Games activity with ball 

Props – Football, soft ball, saucer cones.

Station 1 – Pass the ball

Place flexipols and saucer cones to form a circle to make students stand. 

Pass the ball – Form a circle and make one student stand inside the circle. He will pass the ball with his foot to every student one by one. Once his chance is over, call the next student to stand in between the circle. Similarly call every student one by one and give them a chance to pass the ball.

Station 2 – Kick the ball

Place flexi poles and saucer cones to arrange a discipline line. 

Kick the ball – Form  a line and make students take the ball after a short run up. First teacher shall give the demonstration and then make students perform. After hitting the shot make them stand in another row just behind flexipoles or cones. 

Benefits – These activities will develop ball stopping and hitting skills in the students.


Pass and run games

Props required – battle, soft ball, mini bags, saucer cones, poles.

Station 1 Short relay race 

Use of cons flexipols is required in this activity.

Short relay race  – Arrange two lines of students with at least five hand distance. First teacher will demonstrate to the student how to run and how to pass the mini battle or bag to another student. After the demonstration give them a mini battle or small bag and make them run. Make sure every student is engaged in this activity. 

Station 2 – Pass and run

Saucer cones, flexipols and cones are required to form a circle.

Pass and run – Form a circle of students and  make them count from 1 to 25 depending on the class strength. Teacher will stand in between the circle and first demonstrate the kids.  teacher will count any number and students need to remember their number. The teacher will hold the ball and if he counts number 3 then number 3 student will run to the teacher and collect the ball from teacher and go back to his or her place. Teacher will count any other number for example number 11 then the student having the number 11 will run from his/her place and collect the ball. Similarly other students will get the chance and teachers have to count for each and every student.

Benefits –  In these activities ball collecting skills are developed along with passing skills. 


Running and lion and dear

Props required – Poles, flexipoles, saucer cones.

Station 1 – Running activity

To make a start and end line cones and flexi poles are required.

Running activity – Arrange students in 3 to 5 rows and make them run slowly. Teachers will also run along with students and teachers should be in front of the students so that students can follow their teacher. 

Station 2 – Lion and dear

Flexipols, poles and cones are required to make students run within a defined area.

Lion and dear – Hindi activity teacher will be lion and all students will be dear.  lion will catch deers and dears have to escape from the lion. Make students run and the teacher will follow the students once you touch the student. That particular student will also become a lion in your team. Now these two lions will chase the rest dears and whoever they touch will become a lion in their team. This activity is full of energy and enthusiasm and students will never get bore in this activity but make sure not to make them run too much because they are very small kids.

These activities will make students enthusiastic and develop their endurance and running skills.

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