Best batting stance for power hitting in cricket

In cricket batting stance is the most basic step to learn how to play cricket. Today you will get to know about how to take correct batting stance step by step. Make sure not to skip any step so to easily understand the concept. 

Correct batting stance in cricket

Batsman should stand just above the line of batting crease. His front foot shall be outside the line and back foot shall be inside the line. It simply means there should be some space between his both legs and foot should be parallel to each other. Draw a thin line from leg stump or middle stump towards your standing position. One can use the bat to draw the line. Batsman’s toe should be behind the drawn line and make sure you are both toes are also parallel to each other. Batsman’s toes should be facing towards the point region. If a batsman will follows the above given steps and stands similarly then the front umpire will not be able to see the right shoulder of the right handed batsman and this will be the ideal batting stance in cricket.

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One mistake is often done by batsman they used to put there front foot ahead of the back foot and while standing in this position the umpire still can’t see the right shoulder of the right handed batsman. 

Best batting stance for power hitting in cricket

  1. This will be bit different from the usual and ideal stance. 
  2. In this stance the back foot of the batsman will be little ahead of the front foot. 
  3. The back foot distance from the front foot should be equal to a palm not more than that.
  4. In this position front or main umpire can easily see the right shoulder of the right handed batsman.
  5. This stance is called open chested stance in cricket.
  6. When your front foot is already out of the way of back foot you get extra time to hit the shot.
  7. For hitting the ball towards the leg side region batsman need to remove the front foot, with this stance this time is reserved and batsman get extra time to hit the ball.

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How to hit long six in cricket 

  • Hold the bat from the top of the handle, don’t hold it too tight. 
  • Holding bad from the bottom or just above the neck is correct and ideal bat holding style in cricket which is necessary for technical pattern. 
  • When it comes to hitting this style is not much effective in comparison to holding the bat freely from the top. 
  • Don’t try to go to close to the ball or don’t allow it to come too close to your body, instead swing the bat like a golf shot when the ball is a bit farther than you.  
  • This will give the elevation to the shot resulting in a six and the ball will travel high and handsome outside the ground.
  • If you will hit the ball closer to your body then the six might convert into a boundary or a short distance six.



How to hit long sixes in tennis cricket?

To hit long sixes in cricket one should hold the bat freely from the top of the handle and swing  it when the ball is not too closer to the body.

What is correct batting stance in cricket?

Stand above the line of the batting crease putting front foot outside and back foot inside of the crease. Both feet should be parallel to each other and stand in a way that the main umpire cannot see the shoulder of the right hand batsman.

How should I grip the bat to hit long sixes?

Hold the bat freely from the top of the handle you should feel the flexibility while taking the stance. 

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