How to become cricketer without joining Academy 

Cricket is a popular game in the world and it is played world wide. The game is played with passion and It is a dream of youngsters to become a cricketer and play cricket for their Nations. The problem is most youngsters are not able to join the cricket academy due to some financial or some other reasons. Let’s find out some strategies through which it is not required to join cricket academy for becoming a cricket.

Start cricket practice at home

To start practice cricket at home few equipment are required that can be arranged. You need one bat and one ball to start batting drill at home. 

Hang the ball in wrapped cloth – After purchasing the bat and ball, arrange a cloth and wrap the ball inside that cloth. You can use old curtains or old sheet to wrap the ball after wrapping the ball, hang the curtain or sheet on the branch of a tree. Then start knocking  on daily basis with an affective time table.

Mirror practice –  for this practice only one player is required.  take at least two and distance in front of mirror then take a proper batting guard and  assume the ball is coming to what’s you  and start practicing in front of mirror.  through mirror practice one can learn how to keep the bat straight. 

Shadow practice – In this kind of practice even bat is not required and one can do the practice by assuming bat in his/her hand. Players need to see the shadow and practice accordingly. For this practice sunlight is required and one can perform this practice in an open area where sunlight comes without any interaction.  

So these are some of the cricket drills that can be practiced without much equipment and no need to go outside to practice these skills. Remember practice is one thing and trial participation is another thing if you are practicing cricket in clubs or at your home but not  participating in cricket trials then practice is not worth it. One must participate in cricket trials to become cricketer.  

Necessary cricket trials to become cricketer

District cricket trial – One must participate in district cricket trials to become a cricketer. District cricket trial takes place every year and you can get the information from the newspapers like Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala. Candidates falling under 14, under 16 and 19 can age category can participate in this trial. Candidates who are above 22 years can participate in open age category.

State cricket – After performing continuously in district cricket player can be directly promoted to state level cricket without any other trial. If player is directly not selected still he or she has a chance to participate in state cricket trials. After performing continuously in state cricket, players get a chance to play in domestic cricket including ranji trophy, vijay hazare trophy and deodhar trophy etc. When a player performs throughout the year or years continuously in these high class cricket then there are high chances of getting selected by selectors in Indian Under 19, national team or IPLs. 

Cricket trial registration form 

One can get the cricket trial forms from the district cricket association. In India there are two types of cricket associations state cricket association and district cricket association and both these types of associations are bound to follow the rules and regulations of the BCCI. District cricket trials mostly occur between January to February or March months depending on the districts. The price of these forms may be between Rs 300 to Rs 350 and player should meet the secretary or president of the district cricket association in order to get the trial forms.

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