How to play uppercut shot in cricket right technique

Uppercut shot in cricket was invented by Sachin Tendulkar later Virendra Sehwag and other players also got masterly on the shot. This blog helps you to learn upper cut shot technique in cricket in easy way. The technique is explained step by step so follow and practice it to master the skill.

Sachin and Sehwag were two genius players who played uppercut shots with perfection in all formats of cricket.

Before knowing how to play this shot let’s first understand what is an uppercut shot?

What is uppercut shot in cricket

Bowler throws a bouncer ball traveling towards batsman shoulder height little bit on and out of the off stump. Batsman guides the ball with bat by using its pace above slips and keepers head towards the third man boundary line for a 6 or 4 runs is called uppercut shot.

How to play uppercut shot in cricket 

The short is generally played on short of length deliveries/bouncer balls. Shot deliveries are those balls which were intentionally thrown by the bowler into the half pitch. When the ball pitches on half pitch with force it carries forwards towards batsman’s shoulder and head height. The shot is usually played on the ball just outside the off stump or on the off stump line. To play a good uppercut shot batsman need to wait on the back foot for the shot pitch delivery. 

Hands and elbow were used to play this shot correctly. When a batsman slightly guides a ball over his/her head or shoulder without any effort the ball may reach the boundary or six in the 3rd man region. When a batsman slightly uses elbow punch or wrist punch for guiding the ball over keepers and slips head. The ball carries more distance and there are more chances to get six runs. Uppercut shots need to be played with a timing and the batsman should identify the pace of the bowler.

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This shot is not played on the slow balls or spin bowlers. The Bowler’s pace is used by the batsman to play this shot comfortably. Without pace it is difficult to play the shot because it is a shot of pure timing and power is hardly generated on the shot.


Upper cut shot playing technique in cricket

  • Take a leg stump guard.
  • Leg stump guard helps batsman to play shots on off stumps easily.
  • Take a correct batting stance with both legs parallel to each other. 
  • Wait for the shot of length delivery pitching on and outside off stump.
  • When the ball comes outside the off stump slightly put the back foot towards the third man region.
  • Back foot should be moved very slightly to get a bit closer to the ball and try to come under the ball.
  • Ankle of the foot will be towards the point region, the head needs to be stable.
  • Keeping eye on the ball till the last moment is required to complete the shot correctly. 
  • Try to connect the top edge or open the blade of the bat.
  • While opening the blade, keep the bat face towards the sky angling to the third man region.
  • This will give elevation to the shot and the ball will travel higher and longer distances.
  • Use of wrist and elbow to punch the ball at the last moment, the ball will travel more height and distance.

Uppercut shot playing technique to close balls

  • When the ball is closer to the batsman’s shoulder or head  just on the off stump or middle stump.
  • Bend your knees and back slightly without moving your eyes from the ball. 
  • Try to guide the ball over the wicket keeper’s head.
  • While playing this shot batsmans body weight will be towards the leg stump.
  • Batsman may fall down on the ground to finish this close shot.
  • When the ball is connected correctly it travels over the keeper’s head outside boundary line for a six.

Square cut shot playing technique

  • Take a leg stump guard to get more room outside of the stump.
  • Both legs will be parallel to each other.
  • Draw a line from leg stump towards the batting crease.
  • Stand keeping toes closer to the line, don’t cross the line.
  • Wait for the half pitch ball pitching outside off stump.
  • Move your back foot slightly towards the point region to come closer and over the ball.
  • Moving back foot towards the off stump or point region is necessary to connect the ball correctly.
  • Stand tall over the ball and keep the bat face towards the ground while connecting the ball.


Who invented the uppercut shot in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar invented this classic shot in cricket.

What are some shots in cricket invented by Sachin tendulkar?

Upper cut shot.
Paddle sweep.

Uppercut shot is famous for which game?

It is played in cricket and famous in boxing.

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