How to play IPL for India step by step

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This blog post tells you about the IPL selection process, trial dates sources, eligibility and open age selection criteria. 

If you live in India it’s easy for you to play IPL in comparison to people living outside India. If you are NRI, living in Canada, USA or any other country even then you can apply for the IPL. 

How to play IPL for India step by step

To play IPL in India you need to cross 3 ladders and follow some basic steps which are given below.

1 District cricket 

District cricket is the beginning of the cricket path for any player. District cricket trials occur every year throughout India. Trials are conducted state wise and the district cricket association is responsible for organizing the trials. To participate in the cricket trials you need to fill up forms which are provided by the secretary of district cricket. To know the trial date you need to follow newspapers Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala.

Once the date is confirmed now you need to approach this a Cricket Association office to collect the form. The form price is  affordable and might be around Rs 350 depending on the district to district. After getting selected you need to perform well throughout the season. 

2 State Cricket 

When you perform well throughout the year in district cricket you are picked by state cricket without any trial, and in this case trial becomes just a formality. All players can’t be picked directly by selectors, its exceptional cases. So, people who are playing district get an opportunity to give the trials for State Cricket and without playing district you cannot give the trials for the same. After performing well in batting, bowling or all rounder in district and state cricket throughout the season players get the opportunity to play for domestic cricket including zone and Railways. 

3 Domestic cricket

After crossing two ladders this is the 3rd and final ladder before playing under 19, IPL and Indian cricket team. Yes, players playing domestic cricket get most opportunities to play in under 19, India A team, IPL and Indian national team. Ranji Trophy, Duleep trophy, Vijay Hazare trophy and Deodhar trophy are well known tournaments in domestic cricket. Ranji Trophy is the biggest tournament played in the form of a test match for 5 days. Selectors used to pick players for the Indian cricket team mostly from Ranji trophy so everyone wants to play this famous tournament. 

Some states also conduct talent hunters open IPL trials in which players can go and give a trial. In order to play Indian Premier League Cricket you need to perform consistently better in domestic cricket. Especially in tournaments like a Ranji trophy, Deodhar trophy, Duleep and Vijay hazare etc where selectors keep an eye on players performance and they can easily notice your performance.

If you are performing continuously well in domestic cricket then you don’t need to give any IPL trial. On the basis of your consistent performance selectors and IPL franchises will select you without any trial. This is the best way to participate in the IPL in India. 

Domestic cricket also gives government job opportunities to players. Players already got government jobs in railways, services  after playing domestic cricket.

How to apply for IPL Canada USA

After getting an Aadhar Card and residential proof, foreigners can apply for IPL from a  particular state. Unlike USA’s green cards, it’s very easy in India to get an Aadhar card and for that you need to own a house live for some years in India and follow some rules and regulations.


How to play IPL in India?

First you need to play district cricket then state cricket then domestic cricket and then you might get an opportunity to play IPL.

Can I play IPL without Ranji?

Domestic Cricket is required to get selected in the IPL. If you haven’t played Ranji you need to play either Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament or other recognized domestic tournament. You can also apply through talent hunters that take place every year.

Can I play IPL without playing Domestic Cricket?

Yes, it’s possible but opportunities are less because very few states are organising talent hunters through which a player can participate in a trial without playing any domestic cricket.

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