Hello players, hope you are practicing well. If puzzled about how to play square cut shot in cricket! Don’t worry we’re here to help you out. Today, we will give you some best batting tips for batsman so that you can prepare the best square cut shots in cricket.

Let’s begin how to play square cut in cricket

Best batting stance in cricket tips

Square cut batting stroke – To play square cut, cover drive, leg glance, pull shot, hook shot, upper cut shot or any shot in cricket the first and basic step to follow is “cricket batting stance”. Apart from correct batting stance another important point is proper hand position for batting. Let’s first understand the correct stance for cricket batting.

Best cricket batting stance –  if you are right hand batsman then you need correct right hand batting stance and if you are left handed batsman then you are in search of correct left handed batting stance. Proper cricket batting stance is required for both right and left hand batsman. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for tennis ball and want to take a tennis cricket batting stance. Cricket batting stance tips which we are sharing in this article will work for both right hand and left hand batsman and also for every format of cricket because it is the basic cricket batting stance.  

Basic cricket batting stance – Both legs of the batsman should be parallel to each other while taking a batting stance. While standing parallel toes of both feet’s should be parallel to each other. There should be a minimum 8 to 10 cm distance between both legs and the batsman can adjust the distance according to his height. Remember, the best right hand batting stance is such a stance in which the main umpire standing on the runner end should not be able to see the right shoulder of the right handed batsman. This batting stance is considered  as basic and the best batting stance in cricket. Benefit of this stance is batman can control the front foot which might go towards the covers region in bad batting form thus batsman can reduce the chances of lbw in cricket. If you are enjoying the article please continue reading,  let’s go ahead of the cricket batting stance and let’s play square cut shot.

After improving the batting stance you can easily play square cut. Let’s discuss how to play square cut in cricket. 


Generally, square shot is played on short delivery pitching outside off stump. Don’t move the front foot earlier, moving the early front foot will create problems in playing square cut cricket shot due to loss of fraction of time because of front foot movement. To play a proper square cut shot you should wait on the back foot and carefully watch the ball releasing time. If the ball is released late by a bowler that is surely short of length delivery. If the ball pitches outside off stump then get ready to cut this ball by moving your back foot towards the point region. Toe position of the batsman will be slightly towards covers and point region. Remember to move your back foot very little and don’t get the ball very close.

Getting very close to the ball will close your elbows and you will not be able to free your hands which will make this shot difficult. After moving the back foot towards the point region, stand tall, judge the bounce of the ball and play the shot by getting on top of the ball. That’s it you have to do however, it looks easy while reading or watching the video of square cut shots but it  demands lots of practice to get perfect in this shot so it is advised to practice the shot a frequent number of times during your batting practice sessions. Most importantly, first improve your batting stance which is explained in this article above this paragraph. Because without a good batting stance it will become more difficult to play square cut shots in cricket.


What is square cut in cricket?

Square cut is a shot played by a cricket batsman towards the point region on the shot of length delivery pitching outside off stump.

What is the best batting stance for power hitting?

Slightly open chested stance is the best batting stance for power hitting.

What is the best batting stance for a left handed batsman?

Both legs of the batsman should be parallel to each other and the main umpire cannot see the left shoulder of the left handed batsman.

Who plays best uppercut shots in cricket?


Sachin Tendulkar is the owner of uppercut shots in cricket. However, later this shot was adopted by lots of batsmen but Virendra Sehwag did PHD on the uppercut shots.

Who is the king of cut shots?

Gordon Greenidge is known for playing smashing cut shots sometimes harder than legendary Viv Richards.

Explain best batting stance for left handed hitter?

Front foot of the batsman should not be parallel instead it should be slightly behind and the main umpire can easily see the left shoulder of the left handed batsman. It means the stance will be slightly open chested with a middle stump guard. 

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