How to bowl yorker in cricket match

Hello players, if you are a bowler and are tired of searching how to bowl yorker in cricket match! Don’t worry you landed at the right place where you will learn perfect yorker ball techniques. 

What is Yorker ball in cricket

Yorker ball is a full length delivery travels through the air without any bounce on the pitch and pitches directly near the batsman foot area. Perfect yorker ball is a delivery that pitches between the foot and bat of the batsman. The area between the foot and bat is known as a block hole. When the ball pitches at the block hole zone it’s almost impossible for the batsman to play any shot due to no space to open the hands. This is called an unplayable yorker. Basically, yorker ball is a full length delivery which is delivered by a bowler towards the closest area of the batsman’s foot. Batman always struggles playing this ball and there are more chances of losing the wicket while trying to hit the ball for a big shot.

How to bowl yorker in cricket

To bowl a correct yorker you need to to work on following things:

Yorker bowling grip

Bowling run up

Release point

Wrist work

Use shoulder

Keep ball full

Yorker bowling grip – The first and basic point to bowl a perfect yorker is correct bowling grip. Put your two fingers over the threads in V shape and place your thumb below the ball for support. Most important is not to touch the ball to your palm therefore don’t hold the ball too tight. 

Smooth bowling run up – Smooth bowling run up is required  for bowling a perfect Yorker.   Your runup should be 15 to 16 steps long and for a smooth run up you have to run on your toes. It is advised  not  to use hills while running; they are used while landing after jumping. If you are liking the content then keep reading till the end.

Start running slow within the first 2 to 4 steps and put your full energy in the last 5 to 3 steps. 

Release point – Bowl releasing time is the most important aspect among all other steps. if you understand this step correctly then surely you will be able to bowl a perfect yorker ball easily but after practice. Release the ball when your hand reaches 35 to 40 degrees over your head.

Wrist work – Wrist work is necessary and more importantly wrist using time is valuable. Flick your wrist facing downwards at the last moment.

Use shoulder – Shoulder work is necessary for fast bowlers to deliver a fast bowl. 

Keep ball full – Try to hit the shoes of the batsman by pitching the full length delivery. 

Types of Yorker ball in cricket 

yorker ball in cricket

Slow Yorker

Toe crushing yorker

Wide yorker

Inswinging Yorker

Outswinging yorker 

Fast Yorker 


What is block hole in cricket?

Block hole is a place between the shoes and bat of the batsman where a perfect yorker ball pitches.

Who is the yorker king in the world?

Sri Lankan bowler lasith Malinga  as well known for his yorkers and unorthodox bowling action. Malinga is famous as your king in the world.

Who is yorker king in ipl 2022?

T. Natarajan is on the way to become yorker king in ipl 2022.

Who is the yorker king in ipl?

Lasith Malinga was the original yorker king in the ipl. Later Indian pacer Jaspreet Bumrah was also rewarded as yorker king in IPL. Now, T Natarajan is on the way to become yorker king of ipl 2022.

Who bowled the fastest yorker in cricket?

Australian pacer Mitchell Starc bowled the fastest yorker with the speed of 160.4 kph (99.7 mph).

Who is well known for hitting sixes on Yorker ball?

Indian former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is well known for hitting sixes through his helicopter shots on yorker balls.

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