How to improve batting timing in cricket

Hi, cricket players if you are in search of how to improve batting timing in cricket? Then don’t worry today we are sharing some important batting tips of cricket.  After going through these batting tips deeply you will be aware about how to improve batting timing in cricket. 

how to improve batting in cricket 

To improve batting skills in cricket not only practice matters but at the same time you have to follow the basics of cricket. To improve your batting you should work on these three basic skills.

Cricket batting stance, reaction time,  backlift,  gripping the cricket bat, head position in cricket batting

Cricket batting stance –  to improve batting in cricket the first and most important asset is batting stance of a batsman in cricket.  in today’s t20 era  people  always thinks about getting success and boundaries which is also reducing there batting techniques. Batting technique is important to survive for long time  while batting in the pitch.  youngsters are taking open chested stance in which their front foot is slightly out of the way and  they use to keep their back foot towards off stump.  however this is not a back stance for hitting sixes but at the same time this is also not a copy book style. If you want to improve your batting skills rather than only hitting sixes and boundaries then you have to follow the basic rule of cricket for batting. As per the basics both legs of the batsman should be parallel to each other with 7 to 8 cm distance according to their height.  Batman should  stand in  such a way that the front umpire should not able to see the right shoulder of the right hand batsman.  remember your both foots will be parallel to each other.  this is exactly the right batting stance in cricket and we have seen master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is following this stance  for more than 20 years therefore he was able to create history of scoring 100 hundreds. 

Reaction time –  reaction time is very important in cricket. In simple words don’t move too forward or too backward  before delivering the ball. If you will  move your  front foot little bit early and if the ball which is slightly shorter then you have to take your front foot back again which results in the loss of reaction time for playing shot. 

Cricket bat grip – Gripping the cricket bat correctly is necessary for the timing in cricket batting.  it is often seen that the batsman who used to keep the bad from the bottom or closer to the  neck off the bat they a place lots of ground shots along with punch shots.  Whereas  batsman holding the bat grip from the upper portion are not able to play Proper ground shots used to play shots in which ball throws in the air. Generally, this happens because while gripping the bat from the bottom batsmen have to  play the strokes bit closer to the body and while holding the bad from the top batman gets bit more elevation to swing the bat. Clever batsman used to adopt both cricket techniques, in the beginning of innings use bottom hand meaning hold the bat closer to the neck region while at the end of the innings for hitting big shots generally batsman holds the long handle meaning they used to hold the bat from upper portion of the handle.

Head position in cricket batting – Not only playing shot or defending the ball is necessary in the cricket but you have to focus on your head position also. If you will win over your head position it will result in better quality strokes. A good head position allows to complete the shot while incomplete head position results in missing the ball with inside or outside edge.

How to improve batting timing in cricket

Needed footwork plays most significant role while timing the ball. While playing straight drive front foot and bat swing to the front with open blade should go together it will result in nice meeting between ball and bat at the bottom sticker area of the bat. While playing offside uppercut to the point region your right leg or back foot should slightly move towards the off stump this will allow you to complete the shot easily without any power resulting in six towards the point region.

Use of particular front foot or back foot according to the delivery results in nice meeting with bat and ball. 

Standing tall on toes while playing the pull or hook shot allows a gentle meeting between bat and ball which blows a nice sound.


Who plays best straight drive in cricket?

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is the king of the straight drive.

Who is the king of cover drive in cricket?

Virat kohli plays best cover drive in cricket.

Who plays best pull shot in cricket?

Earlier Ricky ponting and now Rohit Sharma plays best pull shot in cricket.

Who plays best flick shot in cricket?

Rahul Dravid, Ricky ponting were well known for flick shots and now Virat kohli plays best flick shot in cricket.

Who is the king of timing in cricket?

Sir Donal Bradman is the all time greatest batsman well kown for his bat timings.

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