How to play a Yorker ball in cricket

How to play a yorker ball in cricket is usually searched by young cricketers who want to improve their batting skills. Through this cricket article you will get aware of yorker ball playing technique and once you understand yorker ball playing tricks then you can easily play most difficult yorker ball.

How to play a yorker ball in cricket 

To play yorker ball in cricket you have to follow some basic cricket terms including batting guard mark, correct batting stance in cricket, correct toe position, cricket bat position for playing yorker ball, regular batting practice.

Batting guard mark in cricket

To play yorker ball in cricket first of all you need to correct and improve your batting guard in cricket. Batting guard mark in cricket meaning the mark which is made by batsman usually by dragging his foot. Batsman who prefers to play shot to the ofside region usually takes the guard at leg stump and the batsman who prefers to play towards long on or leg side usually takes the guard at middle stump. Never take the guard at off stump it will puzzle you and you may easily loose wicket through lbw. While marking the guard batsman should mark the guard from the beginning of the toe instead of hills. Batsman should keep his front foot out side the batting crease and his back foot should be inside the crease. This allows batsman to cut the little bit swing of the baller and provides bit more freedom to use the depth of the crease. Hope you are enjoying reading this cricket article related to yorker ball playing tips, keep reading.

Correct batting stance in cricket

how to play yorker ball in cricket

Correct batting standing position in cricket is equally important as cricket bat position in stance. Without correct batting stance you can face some problems while shot selection. Your both legs should be parallel to each other and batman should stand in such a way that the front umpire cannot see the right shoulder of the right hand batsman. Remember, your front foot toe should be equally parallel to your back foot toe putting front foot bit across will create more lbw chances. For playing yorker ball it is necessary that your front foot should not come in front off your back foot instead you must be able to remove your front foot while playing yorker delivery. 

Cricket batting standing position 

Toe position – Once you will take batting guard the position of your toe will be towards point region and while playing yorker ball when ball reaches your toe your front foot toe should open towards the main umpire who is standing straight behind the wickets. You can simply stop the ball with the straight bat or you can punch the ball with straight bat leaning towards front foot  and completing the punch shot by dragging the back foot towards front foot just like sachin tendulkar.

Cricket bat holding position

Cricket bat grip position – Gripping the bat correctly is important to play yorker ball. You should grip the bat from the bottom meaning right hand of the right hand batsman will come just over the neck of the bat and next hand will layed above with 2 finger gap between both hands. This gap should be majored with gloves wearing in the hand. Liking this cricket article continue reading till the end.

Bat position in cricket for playing yorker ball

Bat position in cricket is yet another important aspect while playing yorker ball. When your bat will come with cross angle it will create an automatic gap between your bat and pad resulting in clean bold or missing the ball for lbw. Whenever your bat comes down with cross angle it takes fraction of seconds more in comparison to straight bat resulting in ball missing. It is important to play with straight bat especially while playing yorker ball you have to bring your bat down with straight angle it will reduce the time of reaching the bat to the ground and increase the chances of bat and ball meet. Batting timing plays the major role for scoring runs easily if you are not getting your batting timing up to the mark then you should read this compressive article on how to improve bat timing in cricket?

Regular batting practice is necessary

To get mastery over playing yorker ball regular batting practice is necessary. You have to do practice in different ways so that you can prepare yourself for different cricket pitches including bounce, uneven bounce, low bounce. Making of proper batting schedule is  necessary and if you are practicing for yorker ball then must tell your partner to bowl only yorker balls or set the bowling machine in yorker bowling angle so that you can get enough practice. 

Shadow practice is necessary

Shadow practice is still done by big players like Virat Kohli. Benefit of shadow practice is that the whole body get involves into the shot and the body will get habitual to the particular shot. No bat or pad is required for shadow practice you can simply practice by assuming the yorker ball or any other delivery.


How to play against yorker ball?

To play against yorker ball you have to follow the cricket basics including correct batting stance, bat holding position, correct toe position, parallel legs to each other.

Who is the best batsman to play yorker?

Sachin tendulkar plays the best yorker due to straight bat position.

Who is best yorker hitter in the world cricket?

MS Dhoni is famous for his yorker ball hitting ability via helicopter shot.

What is a yorker ball in cricket tournament?

Yorker ball is a full length delivery that reaches directly to the toe region of the batsman.

Who is the best yorker bowler in the world?

Jaspreet bumrah, Mitchell starc, Lasith malinga are well known for perfect yorkers in cricket. In 2022 ipl T. Natrajan is emerging as a new yorker sensation in the world.

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