How to become cricketer in canada eligibility

How to become cricketer in Canada eligibility with facts shared here. Players who want to play for Canada in all ICC tournaments should must meet the required criteria outlined in 2017 by ICC (International Cricket Council). 

how to join canada cricket team

To play cricket in Canada one must meet the eligibility criteria given below:

  • Person who want to become cricketer in Canada must born in Canada.
  • You must have Canadian passport to play for Canada.
  • Player applying for cricket Canada must be a resident of Canada.
  • People who want to play cricket for Canada must have their permanent house in Canada. 
  • Cricket Canada do not provide any assistance to players who are wishing to move to Canada.
  • Cricket Canada do not assist with immigration, visa, employment.
  • Cricket Canada do not sponsor any player to enter Canada. 

Qualification you need to become a cricketer in Canada

Person who want to play cricket for Canada do not need any specific qualification instead the applying person must be hard working, dedicated towards cricket and most importantly don’t miss the cricket trials in Canada. 

How to play cricket for canada

  • Players have to participate in cricket Canada events throughout the season.
  • Province matches are held in front of selectors.
  • Each participating region has there own selectors who is responsible for the making region team.
  • National camp and national tournament of cricket in Canada takes place every year and all the selectors are present in this tournament.

Vancouver cricket club – 

cricket Vancouver Canada – April to September is the season for pregame in Vancouver. 

Torrente cricket Canada

 The cricket pre game starts from July to september.

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Why Cricket in Canada is not popular yet

Cricket in Canada is still in growing mode due to the lack of interest in cricket. Canadian people are mostly fond of basketball, baseball, Wimbledon and other games. People are liking these games because Canada government is providing sufficient fund to the organizations of these games. At the same time Canada government is avoiding cricket. Mr Manzoor Chaudhari is a former Canadian cricketer, selector and now in administrative department. 

According to Manzoor Chaudhari they are getting funding for cricket from International Cricket Council (ICC) but their own government is not providing the required fund for cricket. Manzoor said funding is one of the reason due to which cricket is not able to grow in Canada, he added if we will not spend good money on cricketer then how they will produce the required output. Cricketers are getting very low winning amount and the situation is so poor that some cricketers used to do job and play cricket as well.  

Canada cricket has good amount of young talent but they are playing cricket for granted. Canada youngsters are inspired by rugby, football, basketball, lawn tennis and other players. All these players are getting high salary and huge winning amount. Big sponsors are with these games in Canada but there is hardly any investor or sponsor for cricket in Canada. Even, Indian women cricket players have good sponsors and are getting good salary in comparison to Canada National Cricket Team. 


How can I play cricket for Canada if I am not a Canadian?

If you are not born in Canada but now residence of Canada then you have to play a domestic cricket in Canada at least for four season.

How much money Canadian cricket players are making?

According to former Canada cricket selector Mansoor Chaudhari, the Canada cricket is not getting any funding from the Canada government. They are only getting funding from ICC so they are not able to invest good amount on their players.

How can I join club cricket in Canada?

Players who are resident of Canada and having Canadian passport are eligible to join club cricket in Canada.

Name some cricket club in Canada?

Toronto cricket club, Ontario cricket academy, Phoenix cricket club, Philadelphia cricket club.

Who is the captain of Canada cricket team?

Rizwan Cheema is the captain of Canada cricket team.

Can I play cricket in Canada?

Off course you are free to play cricket in Canada even the Canada government is promoting the cricket game.

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