How to join Canada cricket team

To join Canada cricket team it is necessary to meet the expected eligibility criteria. Once you fit in the criteria you can play for the Canada National Cricket Team by participating in province trials.  Eligibility criteria and other details which are required to play cricket in Canada are explained in this post in very easy language.

European countries are famous for football, rugby and skating games. You may ask do they play cricket in Canada. I would say yes. I am sure after reading this blog post till the end you will overcome all your doubts. If still you feel any trouble feel free to ask in the comment box below. 

How to join Canada cricket team

To apply for Canada cricket team some necessary eligibility criteria are given below:

  • To play in Canada National Cricket team the candidate must be born in Canada.
  • Candidates must have a Canadian passport.
  • Applying player/candidate must be a resident of Canada.
  • Person willing to play in the Canada cricket team must have a permanent house in Canada.
  • Unfortunately cricket Canada does not assist those people who are willing to move Canada for a cricket career. 
  • Canada cricket does not assist with immigration, visa and employment. 
  • At the moment Cricket Canada is not sponsoring any player to enter and play in Canada. 

Qualification to join Canada cricket team

There is no specific qualification mentioned by the Canada cricket control board to apply for Canada cricket team. The person does not need any specific degree, instead they must be loyal towards the game. Most importantly one should not miss cricket trials in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa or wherever they are held in your region.

Important points to play cricket for Canada

Interested players must participate In the events of cricket Canada throughout the season. 

Be available for province matches they are held in front of selectors. 

Every participating region has their own selectors so be in touch with your region.

Every year selectors are present in National camp and national tournament of cricket in Canada so try to be a part of these events. At least try to attend these events to get correct and deeper information.

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Canada cricket club address and timings

Vancouver and Toronto cricket clubs are famous in Canada. Cricket pre games start from April to September in Vancouver cricket club whereas the pregame starts from July to September in Toronto cricket club. 

Toronto cricket club address – 141 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON, M5M 3A3, Canada, Phone +1 416-487-4581, Province – Ontario, founder – George Anthony Barber. 

If you know some other cricket club or if you are a club owner or you want to give information about any club please email us and if found genuine your club name may register here. It will be good if you can send a video recording of your club along with timings and some practice clips.

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Cricket Academy fees in Canada 

The fees are around $75 to $300 per month depending on club to club. Whereas the fees in England are between 100 to 500 Sterling pounds per month.

List of cricket academy in Canada

Toronto cricket academy

Vancouver cricket academy 

Edmonton cricket academy 

Ontario cricket academy.


At which age can I join a cricket academy in Canada?

8 year old players are already practising in cricket academies.

Is it necessary to have a Canadian passport to play for Canada cricket team?

Yes, a passport is compulsory to apply for Canada cricket team.

Does Canada play cricket?

Yes, they play cricket in Canada and they have their national cricket team as well.

Which is the best cricket academy in Canada?

Some of the best cricket academies in Canada are Toronto academy, Vancouver academy, Edmonton academy and Ontario cricket academy.

What is the Canada cricket team salary?

Canada cricket players salary per month is between 25000 CAD to 6000 CAD.

How to play cricket in Canada?

The person must live in Canada having the Canadian passport is compulsory. To play for Canada cricket team one must participate in province trials of their region.

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