Yorker ball tips and technique

Yorker ball is a dream ball for every bowler. Yorker ball tips and techniques are very important and every youngster want to learn these tips. Some simple and important Yorker ball techniques are shared in this article by practicing then you might become a yorker ball export.

What is a yorker ball

Yorker ball is a full length delivery released by a bowler towards the batsman. Yorker ball do not bounce into the pitch instead it falls nearby the shoes of the batsman. A perfect yorker ball pitches directly between the both toes and bat of the batsman. Yorker ball is one of the most difficult ball to play and it is the most difficult ball to hit in the last overs. 

How to play a yorker ball

Yorker ball playing technique is not that much difficult. To play yorker ball first you need to improve your stance and your both legs should be parallel to each other. You must control your front foot, don’t allow front foot going across like a caesar. While playing yorker ball you should open your toe position towards the main umpire. Bring your bat down straight and punch  aur block the ball with straight bat. Remember, while playing a yorker ball don’t bring your bat with cross angle because it takes a fraction of seconds more and also creates a gap which may result in mis timing or complete ball miss.

Yorker ball tips and technique 

yorker ball in cricket

Yorker ball is a ball which is released by a bowler earlier in comparison to other deliveries. To release a yorker ball from correct height you need a lot of practice otherwise the yorker balll will turn into full toss while releasing it from the top. 

Yorker Ball technique depends on your learning ability. Remember one thing if you are able to understand the correct release point of the ball meaning 50% work is done and rest 50% depends on your practice. Hope you are liking this yorker ball article, keep reading it.

Follow the steps given below to learn yorker ball tips.

  • First select a suitable place to practice yorker ball.
  • There should be 2 poles parallel to each other.
  • You can choose a place where there are two trees standing parallel to each other.
  • Or you can arrange 2 bamboos and dig them parallel to each other.
  • Arrange a rope or thick thread.
  • Now mark the correct angle of release point and tie the rope on the polls.
  • Grip the ball correctly by putting two fingers over the ball in v shape, close little and ring finger and put your thumb below the ball as a support.
  • Remember, your palm should not touch the ball.
  • Don’t run you have to do this practice by standing on a same place.
  • Now rotate your hand and release the ball when your palm touches the rope.
  • Don’t think about pace just focus on releasing the ball at correct time meaning once your wrist or palm touches the rope release the ball immediately.
  • This practice is to get mastery over the release point.
  • In the beginning you may throw wide or full toss ball don’t panic just concentrate on releasing the ball all at correct time.
  • It is important to tie the rope at correct height to learn the yorker ball technique correctly.
  • You are enjoying reading this article on yorker ball, keep reading it till the end to explore more.


What is release point in yorker ball?

Release point is a point from where bowler releases the ball from his fingers.

How to convert full toss ball into yorker ball?

Don’t worry, reduce the pace and focus on releasing the ball at correct time. If you are aiming the shoes or toes of the batsman and able to produce only fulltoss then its time to change your aim. Now you should try to put overpitch ball instead of yorker ball meaning try to throw the ball few steps ahead of the batsman. By doing this it will automatically convert into yorker. It happens some time with every baller so this is the technique to get rid of full toss balls.

How to bowl a yorker with tennis ball?

You have to follow the same strategy to bowl yorker with tennis ball. Focus on releasing the ball at correct point. While gripping the ball don’t allow your palm to touch the ball instead hold it with fingers and give a support from below by thumb.

How to grip the ball?

Grip the ball by putting two fingers over the ball in v shape. Close little and ring finger in such a way that ring finger gives little support to ball and put your thumb below the ball to give a base support. Keep the ball bit away from the palm.

Is yorker ball the most difficult ball to play?

Yes, a perfect yorker ball do not allow batsman to open his hand. A good yorker ball and fast bouncer ball are the two most promising weapons of the bowler.

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