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Lawn tennis age limit is not decided by the governing body and anyone can play this game. Whether you are 20 years, 30 years or 40 years old, you can play tennis. 

Lawn tennis age limit history equipments court size

Lawn tennis age limit

Tennis is an Olympic sport played at all levels and all ages. There is no age limit in tennis. Anybody who holds the racket can play this game even the player who sits on the wheelchair is allowed to play tennis. A 10 year old kid and a 40 year adult can play tennis. 

Tennis is a racket sport played on the lawn. It is played between two teams having two players each (doubles) or between single opponents (singles). Each player has their own tennis racket which is strung with cord to strike a tennis ball made of rubber. 

In this game each player strikes the ball in such a way that the opponent could not play shot comfortably and return it back to the striker. The player unable to return the ball in the opponent court or the player unable to strike the ball correctly in the opponent court will lose the point and 1 point is given to the other player. The player who first strikes the ball is called a server.


The game first originated in the 12th century in Northern France at that time the ball was struck with the palm. It was also known as the game of the palm. 

Louis X was the first player in tennis history, he was from France and was a good player of jeu de paume. Later jeu de paume evolved into real tennis. King Charles V France was another early enthusiastic tennis player. 

Tennis developed

During the late middle ages the original form of tennis was developed in France. The tennis modern form originated in the 19th century as lawn tennis in Birmingham, England. 

Origin of the modern tennis game

Solicitor Harry Gem and his friend Augurio Perera developed a game between 1859 to 1865. They used combined elements of racquets and basque ball game pelota. Pelota was played in Perera’s croquet lawn Birmingham, England. 

In 1872 Harry Gem and his friend along with two local doctors founded the world’s first tennis club on Avenue Road, Leamington Spa. First time the term “Long Tennis” was used as a name of an activity by a club.  

Lawn tennis equipments

Tennis racket 

Tennis racket is used to strike the ball. It includes a handle (grip) connected to the neck. Racket has an egg-shaped circle with a thin long handle. The tennis racket including the circle boundaries are made of wood. Circle contains tightly pulled strings for striking the ball. There are lots of racket manufacturing companies like Wilson, Head and Babolat. 

Tennis racket guidelines

  • The hitting area must be composed of strings.
  • The hitting area must be flat and uniform. 
  • The hitting area frame should not be more than 29 inches (74cm) in length and 12.5 inches (32 cm) in width. 
  • The racket must be fixed in shape, size, weight and weight distribution.
  • Racket should not contain any energy source. 
  • During the match rackets must not provide any type of instructions, communication or advice to the player.


Tennis racket strings types are multiple including natural gut and synthetic strings made from materials such as nylon, kevlar or polyester. 

Natural gut 

Natural gut is the first type of tennis strings introduced by Babolat. Before the 1950s only natural gut strings were used. In 1950 synthetic strings were introduced. Roger Federer still uses natural gut strings frequently. Natural gut strings are made from cow intestine.

Hybrid strings 

Two different strings vertical and horizontal for the mains and crosses. Roger Federer uses natural gut strings in mains and polyester string in crosses.  


Tennis balls are made of strips stitched together with thread and stuffed with feathers. Hollow vulcanized rubber with a felt coating is used for making modern tennis balls. As per international tennis federation (ITF) tennis ball official diameter is 65.41-65.58 mm (2.575-2.700 in). 

Balls must weigh between 56.0 and 59.4 g (1.98 and 2.10 oz). Traditionally Tennis balls were manufactured in the United States and Europe. Due to low labour cost Tennis balls are Now manufactured in East, North and South East Asian countries. 

Tennis court 

Tennis is played on a rectangular fiat surface having 78 feet (23.77m long) and 27 feet (8.2m) wide for singles matches. For doubles matches width increases up to 36 feet (11m).


A basic overview lawn tennis game is given. The information including age limit, history, origin, equipment is briefed in simple language.   

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