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Lame leg is one of the popular games played in the schools it is a cheap game hardly need any device. This game is popular among kids and played at an international level as well. How to play lame leg game explained with game rules.

How to play lame leg game 

It is one of the easiest games to play with no equipment required for this game. You can easily play at your home with your brother or neighbor. Only 2 players are enough to play this game initially. 

As the name suggests it is a game played with one leg. Player has to jump on a single leg, the other leg is folded from the knee. 

It is an outdoor team game played between two teams. One team runs and the other team chases. The running team is called runners and the chasing team is called chasers. 

There are 12 players in each team, apart from 12 players 3 players are reserved in each team. Captain can make reserve players play if any playing player is injured or disqualified.  It depends on the captain’s strategy to make play reserved players even after no injury or disqualification of playing players.

Lame game playing time is 36 minutes in which the match should be completed. The match is played in 4 innings containing 9 minutes each.

The game is played on the ground containing 2 boxes where 2 teams stand separately in each box.

After tossing, one player starts walking and jumping on his/her 1 leg and tries to out the other team’s player by touching them with their hands. Opposition players can’t touch or catch the chaser who came on 1 leg. Doing this will count them out. 

When a jumping player touches another team’s player and reaches back to their own court the touched player is considered out and sent out of the ground. One point is given to the chasing team. The chaser can touch and out more than one player at a time. 

Only those players can catch a chaser who is touched by him. The runner team players immediately get access to catch the chaser inside the court once they are touched by the chaser. If the touched players succeed in holding and preventing the chaser in their court, the chaser will be given out and they will earn 1 point.

When the chaser puts both legs on the ground he/she is considered out and one point is given to the running team.

If a player is not performing well, the captain can replace that prayer with the reserve player. This is the special power captain has in this game.

Lame is a wonderful game with low competition you can search low competition and start a sports company. Starting company is always difficult for freshers so be prepared try to start sports company with low cost.

Lame game rules and ground measurement 

  • The lame game rules are standardized by the Akhil Maharashtra Physiology teacher’s board.
  • The ground dimension is 18 m x 18 m (59 ft x 59 ft).
  • Each team contains 12 playing players and 3 reserved players.
  • Captains can use reserve players if any playing player is injured or disqualified.
  • If no player is injured or disqualified, the captain can use reserve players as per the strategy.
  • Laming  game match completion time is 36 minutes.
  • The game has 4 innings, all 4 innings are 9 minutes each.
  • After tossing, laming players used to catch the running players.
  • Runners can’t go outside the boundary lines.
  • Whichever team scores more in 4 innings is considered the winner.


Lame leg game rules including players quantity, match timing, out rules and catch rules given. Match timings, number of innings and ground measurement is given. Captains rights and powers are disclosed, captain can replace any of the playing players with the reserve players whether they are injured or not disqualified or not.

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