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Cricket is an outdoor game played on a large ground that may have different dimensions. The ground is generally oval in shape. Cricket ground dimensions differ from one ground to another; they are irregular in shapes, elongated ovals, round rectangles or perfect circles. Grounds in different regions may have little or no symmetry. Although shapes and sizes are different, all grounds have smooth boundaries without any sharp corners.  

International cricket ground dimensions

Cricket field dimensions are not fixed but usually varies between 450 and 500 feet for mens and between 360 feet and 420 feet for womens cricket. In most cricket grounds a thick fair colour rope is used as a boundary. Fielders often slide to stop the ball and sometimes drag the rope as well. Rope keepers used to set the rope as it was. In some countries cones are used along with the ropes so that umpires can identify the boundary clearly; it is mostly done in big size grounds.

Cricket field size in meters feets

ICC meaning international cricket control board is the global governing body of cricket. ICC standard paying conditions define the minimum and maximum size of the cricket ground used for international matches. 

As per ICC playing conditions law for mens cricket (law 19.1.3) test match and ODI playing conditions no boundary shall be longer than 82 meters/269.029 feet/90 yards and shorter than 59 metres/193.57 feets/65 yards from the centre of the pitch.  

As per icc playing conditions law for women’s cricket (law 19.1.3) boundary shall be between 60 and 70 yards (54.86 and 64.01 m) from the centre of the pitch. Which is 179.98 feet and 209.974 feet. 

Distance between rope and advertising boards is 3 yards which allows players to dive freely without risk injury.

Test match stadium dimension would be 20,000 sq yd of grass having a straight boundary of about 80 m. There is no fixed cricket ground size in acres, people in villages manage to organize village cricket matches in 1 to 2 acres. Some cities manage the local matches in 5 acres.

Cricket pitch size in feet and meter

The cricket pitch length in meter is 20.12 which is also called 22 yards. The pitch size in feet is 66 feet (20.12 meter).

A cricket pitch is the area in the centre of the ground where the batsmen hit the bowl bowled by the bowler and run between the wickets to score the runs. The whole ground looks green due to green grass and the pitch looks brown as it is made of soil. Distance between stumps in cricket is measured by the bell’s height. Two bells are kept over stumps and there should be a gap of 1 bell between two stumps.

Cricket ground shapes in countries

Cricket grounds in Australia are big in size and mostly oval in shape whereas New Zealand cricket grounds are small in size. There are plenty of grounds in South Africa with elongated ovals and round rectangles. In India cricket is played more than other countries and almost all types of cricket ground dimensions are found, some grounds are round rectangles and some are perfect circles in shape.

Lords cricket ground slope 

There is no rule for fixed shape and size. Lords cricket ground in England has a 2.5 cm slope. The slope is in the cricket pitch from the north end to the south end of the ground with a drop of 2.5 metres. England and Australia cricket is one of the oldest cricket. Surrey, MCC, SCA, LCA and Essex are some cricket academies in England with different fees structure.

Lime tree in the cricket ground

There is a lime tree inside the cricket ground of St Lawrence. St Lawrence lime tree height was 27 metre (90 ft) in Canterbury, Kent, England. In 2005 it was broken during high winds.

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