Baseball equipment name list price

List of baseball equipment that are compulsory while playing this international game is given here. 

Batting helmet, baseball cap, bat, ball, gloves, catcher’s helmet, uniform, sliding shorts, baseball cleats, first baseman’s mitt, batting gloves.

Baseball is an international game played by male female both. It is a worldwide known game more popular in European countries. This sport is yet not popular in Asian countries and people have less knowledge about this game.

Baseball equipment name list price

Baseball game rules and regulations are tough and interesting. Rule for every equipment there dimension is created. Before understanding the rules its important to understand about the equipment used in the game which are given below.

Batting helmet

Helmet is worn by a batter to protect his/her head. The helmet protects the batters’ ear from the ball the pitcher throws. Some helmets are designed with one side ear protector as the ear facing the pitcher should be protected. Helmets designed to protect both ears are more commonly used by players because some are left handed and some are right handed. 

Baseball cap

Baseball caps give shade to players’ eyes from the sun. Baseball caps are worn by all players; it is part of the uniform. Baseball hat design is popular among ordinary people and they wear it as a style statement.

Baseball bat

Baseball bat is roundish in shape made of wood or aluminum. Solid wooden bats or hollow aluminum bats are used by players. Traditionally ashwood is used to make wooden bats. Apart from ashwood, sometimes bamboo and maple woods are also used to make baseball bats.  


Baseball is made up of cork. Yarn or string layers are rolled on a cork sphere then leather coat stitching is done to make it a proper baseball. 


Gloves protect players’ palms from the hard corked baseball. There is a web pocket between the thumb and first finger of the gloves. Gloves, thumb and first finger are designed in such a way that helps the fielder to catch the ball easily. Some fielders wear batting gloves under fielding gloves to avoid putting sweaty hand into their ball glove.

Catcher’s helmet

Similar to hockey goalkeeper baseball catchers wear a helmet with a face mask to protect their head and face both. 


Coaches, managers and all players wore shorts and pants. Players’ shirts and pants are flexible and comfortable for playing the baseball game. Every team has a specific uniform colour and design.

Sliding shorts

Players sometimes wear padded support shorts to protect their thighs. These padded shorts protect player thighs from being injured while being dragged while sliding on the bases. 

Baseball cleats

Baseball shoes made of rubber or metal designed for better grip and traction are often used by players.

First baseman’s mitt

Mitts are leather gloves worn by fielders. First baseman’s mitts are longer, wider and broader than other fielders’ gloves standing far from the batter.

Batting gloves

Baseball batters wear gloves on both hands for extra grip. Gloves are helpful to avoid shock when the ball is struck with the bat.

Baseball equipment price

  • Baseball player uniform male – $29.59.
  • Baseball cap – $2.50.
  • Baseball bat – $12.
  • Batting helmet – $60.
  • Ball – $6.
  • Gloves – $12.
  • Catcher’s – $60.
  • Helmet – $35.
  • Uniform – $22.
  • Sliding shorts – $15.
  • Baseball cleats – $55.
  • First baseman’s mitt – $12.
  • Batting gloves – $15.
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