How to play helicopter shot in cricket easy steps

Hello cricketers, today we will learn How to play helicopter shot in cricket easy steps. Helicopter shot playing technique in easy way is elaborated in this article.

To play helicopter shot you have to wait for a full full length ball or overpitch ball. To  play helicopter shot your back lift will be higher. You can play the shot on yorker ball but you can’t play this shot on perfect yorker ball.  

How to play helicopter shot in cricket

To play helicopter shot you should use high back lift and rays your bat 45 to 50 degree upwards. Move the bat even above your head and then quickly bring it down. It’s like playing flick shot aggressively; While playing flick shot a batsman use his wrist and completes the shot by making half circle. To play the helicopter shot you just need to complete the circle on a wider scale meaning helicopter shot is also played by wrist but you have to make a big circle starting from toes then moving your bat with full speed above your head and shoulder then finish the shot by again reaching to the toe area. While finishing the shot try to move your front leg towards leg side little in the air this will help you generating more power.  

Helicopter shot playing stance

Hopefully, now you are clear about playing helicopter shot. It is a shot played anywhere towards the leg side region. You should stans little open chested meaning when you takes guard the main umpire can see your right shoulder easily. However, the copybook style of correct batting stance is a stance taken by batsman in which his both toes will be parallel to each other and main umpire or front umpire cannot see the right shoulder of the batsman.  When you takes open chested stance in which your right leg or back foot will be a little bit towards the off stump and front foot will be little bit towards leg stump this allows batsman to play shot freely towards leg stump.

When should I play the helicopter shot

Remember you should play the helicopter shot freely don’t get confused while playing this extra ordinary shot. Be ready for the full length ball coming towards your middle and leg stump or nearby your pads. Wake up your mind and take very clear deseason within the fraction of seconds whether you have to play or not play the shot. Don’t play the shot with incomplete mindset otherwise you will not get the appropriate results. So only play helicopter shot when you are mentally prepared to play the shot.

Who is the the founder of helicopter shot

helicopter shot in cricket

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All time best captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the founder of helicopter shot. Later few other players adopted this shot and today Hardik Pandya is one of the helicopter shot playing batsman. 

How helicopter shot was invented

According to the film MS Dhoni the untold story;  helicopter shot was first implemented by a friend of Dhoni called Santosh Lal. during the practice matches and practice sessions Dhoni’s friend Santosh played the shot to impress his girlfriend. Dhoni’s character in the film was played by one of the super talented dashing and handsome person Sushant Singh Rajput.

In the film when Sushant (dhoni) saw his friend is playing a tremendous shot to impress a girl he reached his friend and ask him what are you doing and how are you  playing this shot. His friend said this is a “Thappad Shot” thappad is known as slap in English. Later Dhoni ask his friend will you teach me how to play helicopter shot and his friend said yes.

After that Dhoni has played lots of tennis cricket matches in which he had played huge and handsome helicopter shots. Dhoni introduced this thappad shot in international cricket it was named helicopter shot due to the elevation and angle used by a batsman to complete this shot with is bat.


Who is helicopter shot king?

Undoubtfully the one and only MS Dhoni is the helicopter king in the world.

How long I need to learn the helicopter shot skill

Sushant Singh Rajput has never played cricket in his life before the film. Sushant learned helicopter shot by his own after watching lots of MS Dhoni videos he practice hard in nets.  According to experts anybody can learn playing cricket within 3 months. If you are practicing a specific shot like helicopter shot then you can easily learn playing this shot before 3 months

Who taught helicopter shot to MS Dhoni?

Dhoni’s friend Santosh Lal taught MS Dhoni about playing helicopter shot.

On which delivery can I play helicopter shot?

You should play helicopter shot mostly on full length deliveries. After practicing hard you can also play helicopter shot on yorker balls.

Who hit the first helicopter shot in cricket?

2 years before dhoni’s entry into international cricket Sachin Tendulkar has played this shot. But MS Dhoni made a trademark of this shot by playing helicopter shot regularly.

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