How to bowl yorker with tennis ball

You might have searched how to bowl yorker with tennis ball? While playing tennis cricket. If you are a fast bowler in cricket then you might face some difficulties while doing yorker ball. Don’t worry this article will help you to find the right technique on how to bowl yorker ball in cricket! Let’s first understand the concept of yorker ball in cricket.

What is yorker ball in cricket

Yorker bowl in cricket – If you are a fast bowler and Jaspreet Bumrah fan then you desperately wanted to know how to bowl yorker like Bumrah? Well before sharing the yorker technique its important to understand what is yorker ball and how it works. When a full length ball lands directly into the crease of a batsman is called a Yorker ball in cricket. Let’s make it more clear, when a cricket bowler is able to release the delivery directly into the batting crease pitching near the toe place of the batsman is known as yorker ball in cricket. It is a kind of ball which should not pitch before batting crease. It is also not a full toss ball, it is a kind of delivery between full toss and length ball meaning exactly at the block hole place. The ball that hits the batsman’s knee or thigh directly is called full toss not a yorker ball. When a bowler hits batsman’s toe by putting direct full length delivery is known as a good yorker ball or a perfect yorker ball in cricket. 

Types of Yorker ball in cricket

  • Slow yorker 
  • inswing yorker
  • Fast yorker ball 
  • Toe crushing yorker
  • Wide Yorker
  • Outswing Yorker 
  • Perfect Yorker ball in cricket 

How to bowl yorker with tennis ball

Yorker ball tips – Remember you cannot learn to bowl yorkers in any academy until you practice it in a correct manner. However, there is a very slight difference between bowling yorker ball with leather ball or bowling Yorker ball with tennis ball. The way of gripping both the balls while putting the yorker is the same, the main difference is about the weight adjustment. Please look at the steps carefully to bowl a yorker ball in cricket. If you are enjoying reading keep reading.

Smooth Run up – While answering how to bowl yorker with tennis ball the first step for putting a yorker ball correctly is fast bowlers run up. Do not take too long or too short run up instead the fast bowler run up markers should be between 14 to 16 steps. First mark your run up correctly by dragging the spot with your shoes or by putting a tiny cloth as a run up mark. Then start running slowly, first 3 to 5 steps should be slow then increase a bit, accelerate your running after 8 to 11 steps and finally put your full energy while delivering the ball. Remember you should run over your toes not heels however while landing your heels comes in place.

yorker ball in cricket
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Yorker Ball technique – While putting a yorker ball the first and most important thing is the release point of a bowler. When the bowling arm crosses over-the-head nearly 12 to 15 degrees you should release the ball at that moment. Remember if you are able to release the ball early then there are more chances of implementing the yorker ball. However, releasing a delivery early may result in a full toss bowl in cricket but with practice and time you can win over this.

We are sharing a best bowling technique for beginners but a proper practice is necessary to bowl a perfect Yorker ball. While releasing the balls earlier there are more chances of beamers and full tosses so it is recommended to practice hard this technique in nets and do not apply this technique without practicing directly into the match. This yorker ball technique is really an unplaying bowl in cricket that is being practiced by many international cricket players. You should also apply this technique to improve your bowling skills however it is necessary to practice harder to get control over this yorker ball technique in cricket.

Remember  this is one of the finest bowling techniques that requires lots of effort, hard work and proper practice so be patience and practice this technique into the nets. In the beginning you will see while practicing loop ball in cricket for putting proper and perfect yorker bowl you are able to deliver only full toss, some balls may hit over the chest of the batman so it is advised to make a proper cricket schedule for practicing this particular delivery and once you will get control over this then only practice this delivery into the real match so that your team should not suffer.

Loop in cricket

Best bowling technique for advance bowlers – When a bowler is able to release a ball from over his head around 12 to 15 degrees then a loop is formed in which ball reaches the batsman from above his eye level to his toes and this delivery is usually late seen by the batsman, resulting in clean bowled or lbw. Liking the content, keep reading till the end.

What is unplayable yorker ball in cricket game

Unplayable yorkers in cricket – When a bowler is able to bowl a full length delivery pitching directly at the back foot toe or heel area of a batsman is the most difficult ball to play in cricket and it is an unplayable yorker ball.

Most difficult yorker in cricket

A fast ball coming in swing slightly moving in the air is one of the most difficult yorker ball in cricket. To play in swing yorker ball, the front foot of the batsman should not move earlier meaning the batsman should wait and watch the ball till the end. 

How to improve yorker ball techniques in cricket

First of all you should make a proper bowling schedule while practicing in nets. You should bowl alone, put shoes into the batting crease and assume them as a batsman’s leg, then try to hit those shoes with the full length delivery. If your ball is not falling to the place where you want, meaning if you are trying to hit those shoes but somehow you are putting a length ball or a short pitch ball, however, you are not practicing a short pitch bowling. Then it’s time to change your aim from the shoes to the stumps. If your balls are landing at the short pitch region then aim the top bells of the wickets or waist of batsman instead of the batsman’s shoes and if your ball is falling at the good length or length area then aim the batsman’s knee or middle of stump instead of the batsman’s shoes. This is my personal experience and technique which will surely help you out.

How to play yorker ball in cricket

To play yorker ball in cricket you need to follow the basic step and the basic step is to take a proper stance. When we talk about proper stance it means you both legs should be parallel to each other with the distance of 5 to 6 cm and the front or main umpire could not see your right shoulder if you are a right hand batsman. The next step is more important to play yorker ball correctly so please pay a bit more attention. Don’t allow your front foot to go across meaning your front foot should not open towards the cover region instead it should open towards the main umpire standing in front of you just like practicing a straight drive.

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