How to bowl bouncer ball in cricket 4 imp tips

In cricket there are two main weapons of a fast bowler and those weapons are bouncer balls and yorker balls. According to cricket rules a bowler can bowl two bouncers in an over.

If a fast bowler can effectively deliver these 2 balls whenever needed makes bowler a complete bowler. Today’s article will help you to understand techniques of bowling in cricket specially a bouncer ball technique and once you understand the technique used for delivering a bouncer ball you will never ask how to bowl a bouncer ball in cricket? 

How to bowl bouncer ball in cricket 4 imp tips

To bowl a bouncer ball a bowler have to follow the basic steps that are given below step by step.

  1. Bouncer ball grip – While bouncer ball grip mainly 2 fingers beside the thumb and a thumb is used. Hold the leather ball by placing two fingers in “V” shape (english alphabet) on the top of the thread. Put your thumb below the ball to support the grip and the last two fingers are half bent, making sure that the ball is away from your palm. Remember, while putting your two fingers above the thread you should hold the ball in such a way the thread should be in between two fingers, don’t hold the ball with cross seam. 

2. Bouncer ball run up – First of all mark your run up up to 16 steps. Remember too long run up makes difficult to maintain the rhythm and when baller use too short runup then he is not able to generate the required pace. To deliver a fast bouncer ball you should run first couple of steps slowly to begin your momentum. Then increase your speed slowly slowly from the 5th to 6th steps and while reaching the 12th step accelerate your speed to the full speed and give full strength in the last 3 to 4 steps. That is, put all the power in your shoulder and release the ball. 

3. Bouncer ball release point – Release point is one of the most important point while delivering the Yorker ball. The correct release will decide whether the ball is going to become a bouncer or it will turn into a length ball or overpitch ball. Unlike the way the ball is released early by the bowler to bowl a yorker, the bouncer ball is released last. To deliver correct bouncer when the bowling arm crosses 40 to 45 degree over the head of the bowler the ball should be released at that time.

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4. Shoulder and wrist use – To deliver a good bouncer ball you should  keep in mind 2 important things first shoulder and second wrist use. If a bowler can do a bouncer by using his shoulder and wrist both at a time then it will be an unplayable bouncer ball in cricket. In the initial phase bowler can practice on these skills separately to develop them. In the nets or   during the bouncer practice at home you should try to deliver 10 to 15 balls by using your shoulder power and try to deliver other 10-15 balls by using your wrist work. The last 15 to 20 minutes practice session you should try to deliver the bouncer ball by using both shoulder and wrist at same time.

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Bouncer ball tricks

Bouncer practice tips – Divide the bouncer ball practice in 3-4 sessions and try to to bowl 40-50 balls per session. 

First session – Keep this session just like warm up session simple neither focus on using shoulder nor on wrist use. But don’t take this session too easy.

Second session – In this session focus on the release point of the ball. Don’t think how to use the shoulder for bouncer ball or to generate the pace by using your shoulder or wrist. Only concentrate on releasing the ball at correct time.

Third session – Divide this session in 3 parts; each part consists of 35-50 balls. In first part try to do the bouncer ball by using your shoulder, don’t use your wrist in this part. In second part of the session try to use your wrist to do the bouncer ball don’t use your shoulder in this part. In the final session try to use both of your shoulder and wrist together, throw at least 25 balls in this final session. 

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How to bowl bouncers in cricket?

You can do a fast unplayable bouncer by using your wrist and shoulder at a time. 
Release point is the key while delivering the accurate bouncer.

How many types of bouncer ball are there?

According to “Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar” these are the most important bouncers in cricket: Head high bouncer, floating bouncer and skid through bouncer.

How can I do a yorker ball in cricket match?

When the bowling arm of the bowler crosses 12-15  degree over his head at the time the bowler should release the ball. In accurate releasing the ball may result in over pitch, full length ball, full toss or even in short pitch ball.

Who is the bouncer king in cricket?

Super fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has wear the the crown of king of the bouncer for decades.  In today’s era there few bowlers with good bouncers; Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah Mohammad Amir etc.

Can a spinner bowl bouncer?

Yes, according to cricket rules spinners can also bowl any kind of deliveries which they want even bouncers and Yorkers.

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