Golf equipment name list price

Golf equipment name list price with brief explanation is shared here today.

Some important golf items are given with a brief explanation.

Golf equipment name list price

Golf game is popular in European countries. It is believed that this game is mostly played by rich people.

Golf balls

Original golf balls are made of hardwood such as beech. Golf ball price varies between $10 to $15 in the USA.

Featheries – In the 14th and 16 centuries more expensive balls were created by leather skin with down feathers called featheries.

Gutties – Around the mid 1800s gutta-percha material was used for making golf balls. This material was cheap and inexpensive in comparison to other materials used for golf ball making. Gutta-percha made from East Asian sapodilla tree latex. Later progressed to brambles using raised dimple patterns resembling bramble fruits. Then progressed to meshies. 

Golf clubs

As per the coal rules a player can carry 14 golf clubs during the game. Woods, irons and putters are three major golf clubs. 

Woods – Used by golfers for playing long shots from the tee or fairway. 

Hybrid – Used by golfers to hit straight shorts. Hybrid clubs are mostly used to play long shots from difficult rough.

Wedges – Wedges are used to play short shots. Wedge sticks are used in sands and roughs to play shots towards the green. They are used to playing in difficult grounds such as sand and roughs.

Putters – Mostly useful in playing in green but also used to play approach shots. Balls remain close to the ground when struck by putters.

Ball markers

A Ball marker is a tool used for marking the ball’s position. It is a round flat piece of metal or plastic. When the ball is picked up for cleaning, lift up when in opponents putting line or during other circumstances. It is necessary to mark the ball’s position while putting it on the ground again.


Tees are made of wood or plastic. Tees have spikes with a small cup on the head to hold the ball. Tees are made to play shots easily and are only allowed to play the first stroke of each hole. 

Golf bag

A bag made for keeping clubs, balls, tees, ball markets etc. It is designed for golfers to keep the necessary golf items in the bag during the game in the course. Golf bags are made of nylon canvas or leather with plastic and metal framing. A golf bag has several pockets designed to keep various pieces of equipment. 

Golf carts

Golf carts are small vehicles designed for golfers. It is a small vehicle used by golfers to reach the ball when hit far away in the course. Golf carts are vehicles used to transport golf bags and golfers during the round of golf. 

Golf towels

Golf bags have a ring for towels. Towels are used to clean or dry balls, club faces and wipe hands. 

Clubhead covers

Club head covers protect the clubs from striking each other in the bag. Provides personal touch to the players golf. 

Ball mark repair tool

It is also known as a pitchfork or divot tool and is used to repair ball marks. 


Gloves help gripping the clubs and prevent blistering on the hand. 


Many golfers wear spiked shoes. It is allowed to wear spikeless or spike shoes in the golf game. Spikes are made of metals or plastics helpful to increase traction.

Set of clubs during match

3 and 5 woods, 3 to 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter.  


Is it allowed to wear spike shoes in a golf course game?

Yes, most players wear spiked shoes for better traction.

How many types of golf clubs are there?

Mainly 3 clubs including irons, putters, wedgers.

How much does a single golf ball cost?

$10 to $15.

How many golf balls does a golfer use in a round of course?

Usually golfers carry 6 to 10 balls and it’s their choice to use only 2 balls or all 10 of them.

Who is the number one golfer in the world?

As of 17 March 2024 Scottie Scheffler is the number one golfer worldwide.

Who is the number one golfer for most weeks?

Tiger woods.

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