The Best FIFA Football Awards All Time

The best FIFA football awards are football awards presented by the sports governing body every year. Pep Guardiola, Simone Inzaghi and Luciano Spalletti were voted for FIFA best coaches.

The Best FIFA Football Awards all time are given in this blog post in tables.

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The Best FIFA Football Awards all time

The best FIFA football awards all times including best FIFA mens coach, best mens players award and FIFA mens goal keeper awards all time. All the related information is given in organized tables so that viewers can easily find the answer they are searching about FIFA awards.

Best FIFA mens coach

YearRankCoachTeams managed
2023Pep Guardiola, 
Simone Inzaghi 
Luciano Spalletti
20221stLionel ScaloniArgentina
2ndCario AncelottiReal Madrid
3rdPep GuardiolaManchester City
20211stThomas TuchelChelsea
2ndRoberto ManciniItaly
3rdPep GuardiolaManchester City
20201stJurgen KloppLiverpool
2ndHansi FlickBayern Munich
3rdMarcelo BielsaLeeds United
20191stJurgen KloppLiverpool
2ndPep GuardiolaManchester City
3rdMauricio PochettinoTottenham Hotspur
20181stDidier Deschamps France
2ndZinedine ZidaneReal Madrid
3rdZlatko DalicCroatia
20171stZinedine ZidaneReal Madrid
2ndAntonio ConteChelsea
3rdMassimiliano AllegriJuventus
20161stClaudio RanieriLeicester City
2ndZinedine ZidaneReal Madrid
3rdFernando SantosPortugal
Best FIFA men’s coach list award list is given.

Shortlist for FIFA best coach 2023 award 

It was announced on Wednesday that champions league winning coaches Pep Guardiola and Jonatan Giraldez were voted on FIFA final shortlists. Five initial candidates of a jury of national team captains and coaches, selected media and fans worldwide voted to shortlist all 3 football coaches.

Fifa football awards

Best FIFA mens player award 

YearRankPlayer nameTeamPoints
20221stLionel MessiParis Saint-Germain 52
2ndKylian MbappeParis Saint-Germain44
3rdKarim BenzemaReal Madrid34
20211stRobert LewandowskiBayern Munich48
2ndLionel MessiBarcelona      
Paris Saint-Germain
3rdMohamed SalahLiverpool39
20201stRobert LewandowskiBayern Munich52
2ndChristano RonaldoJuventus38
3rdLionel MessiBarcelona35
20191stLionel MessiBarcelona46
2ndVirgil van DijkLiverpool38
3rdChristano RonaldoJuventus36
20181stLuka ModricReal Madrid29.05%
2ndChristano RonaldoReal Madrid 
3rdMohamed SalahLiverpool11.23%
20171stChristano RonaldoReal Madrid43.16%
2ndLionel MessiBarcelona19.25%
Paris Saint-Germain
20161stChristano RonaldoReal Madrid34.54%
2ndLionel MessiBarcelona26.42%
3rdAntoine GriezmannAtletico Madrid7.53%
Best FIFA men’s player award list is given.

FIFA mens goal keeper

YearRankPlayer nameTeam
20221stEmiliano MartinezAston Villa
2ndThibaut CourtoisReal Madrid
3rdYassine BounouSevilla
20211stEdouard MendyChelsea
2ndGianluigi DonnarummaMillan Paris
3rdManuel NeuerBayern Munich
20201stManuel NeuerBayern Munich
3rdJan OblakAtletico Madrid
2ndMarc-andre ter StegenBarcelona
3rdEdersonManchester City
20181stThibaut CourtoisChelsea
Real Madrid
2ndHugo LlorisTottenham Hotspur
3rdKasper SchmeichelLeicester City
20171stGianluigi BuffonJuventus
2ndManuel NeuerBayern Munich
3rdKeylor NavasReal Madrid
2016Not awarded
FIFA men’s goal keeper awards list is given.


Football is commonly known as soccer. It is an outdoor team sport played between two teams of 11 players each side. All 11 players use their feet to propel a ball around a rectangular field, this field is called a pitch. The ball is being hit by the foot of the players therefore this game is called football. Out of 11 players there is one goalkeeper who can touch the ball with feet as well as hands. Goalkeeper can hold the football with hands ; he can also throw the football with hands or kick with foot.

The motive of the football game is to score more goals than the opposite team. Football game timing is 90 minutes, the game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each. Football is the world’s most famous and popular game. Approximately 250 million players are active in  more than 200 countries and territories. Football was first played in the mid 19th century in England. The nickname of the football game is the beautiful game and world game.

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