Romeo and Cruz Beckham Paris trip with Holy 

David Beckham’s 20 years old elder son Romeo Beckham enjoyed a Paris trip along with his 17 years old younger brother Cruz and 22 years Holy. The pose for Eiffel Tower became the highlight of the Paris tour. In this pose Romeo is carrying the younger brother in his arms and showing a cute brotherhood.

Romeo and Cruz Beckham Paris trip with Holy 

22 years old Holi Ramsay is the daughter of Gaurden Ramsay. Holy joined David Beckham’s youngest son’s Romeo and Cruz Beckham in Parisian break as a trio. Holi Ramsay shared sweet snaps of enjoying Peris trip with David Beckhams two sons on social media. During the Paris trip Hollywood fully enthusiastic and treated herself with a tattoo on her wrist. In the tattoo it was written love myself in very fancy fonts. 

20 years old Romeo is the elder brother of Cruise who is 17 years old. They both poses brotherly pose in front of Eiffel Tower showing their love and care for each other. Bekhams elder son Romeo has lifted the younger son in his arms for this Eiffel Tower pose. Wow how romantic joked by the footballer into caption during posting the shot to his 3.6 million followers. 

Paris trip celebrated by Beckham brother’s comes just weeks after weeks elder son Romeo confirmed he spend time with his girlfriend Mia Regan. 4 months ago Romeo and Mia Regan was separated and they met again. Footballer Romeo enjoyed a night with his model girlfriend Mian Regan showing the romance is back. 

Where is David Beckham now a days

David Beckham is a famous football player always been surrounded by fans and media.  used to be centre of attraction during matches and after matches. This is all about his young days and time has changed he is 47 years old now. He sill has good fan following but do you know where is David Beckham nowadays? 

About David Beckham

David’s full name is David Robert Joseph Beckham He was born on 2nd may 1975 in England. He is a former football player and a businessman connected to organizations UNICEF and Malaria no more. My talking about his family background this 6 foot 10 inch tall man has married with a lady called Victoria Adams, they have 4 children. Nicola Peltz is Beckham’s daughter in law. 

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