Best cricket batting drills at home alone 

Today we are sharing best cricket batting drills at home alone. Sometimes it becomes difficult to call friends for practice and sometimes we used to live alone at home thinking how to do cricket batting practice at home alone. Don’t worry this article will guide you about best batting practice at home. 

Best cricket batting drills at home alone

Right now if you are alone at home and finding the ways of batting practice at home then you must read this article till the end to understand some new ideas of cricket batting practice alone at home.

Rope ball practice – Rope ball practice is common among cricketers while practicing alone at home.  you can purchase robot from the market or you can  create root ball equipment by yourself at home. You need a rope or a thin cloth then tie a ball in this rope or cloth now hang it  above at tree branch,  or somewhere else from where you can easily practice the ball. Now swing the tied ball and practice with your bat.

Sponge ball practice –  Sponge ball and a wall is required for this practice.  you can do this practice on your bed as well,  you need a bat or you can practice with a stick assuming as a bat.  it will be better if you will practice at your corridor or varanda with sponge ball.  in this practice you have to hold the ball with one hand then throw the ball onto the wall and quickly get ready to play the shot or to defend the ball. You can practice playing bouncer balls or short pitch balls on this spongy ball which bouncers naturally.

Practice with plastic ball – Again you need a bat and a plastic ball  and in front of  your home wall you can practice with plastic ball. By practicing with plastic ball you may build swing playing technique in cricket.

Mirror practice –  believe or not mirror practice is one of the most effective practice in cricket.  in mirror practice you have to to stand in front of mirror by holding your bat and start practicing cricket shots. Begin with defense then slowly improvise to straight drive and keep checking your elbow and head position in mirror. Remember, don’t stand too close to the mirror to avoid any damage or injury. If you are enjoying reading this cricket article, continue reading it till the end.

Shadow practice – Shadow practice in cricket is yet another powerful practice while practicing alone at home. We must say shadow practice is a result oriented practice if you will practice it with 100% honesty. You don’t need any equipment in shadow practice you can just assume and start practicing by watching your shadow. You can take a thin stick for batting practice and correct yourself by watching your batting strokes in shadow carefully. If you are a bowler then you can check your bowling action and follow through while practicing shadow practice. Practice slowly so that you can keep eye on your every cricket move that is all about shadow practice. 

Practice on the roof – At least two people are required for roof practice. Use tennis ball and plastic ball for roof practice. Change some rules according to the roof such as if a batsman will hit a ball directly over the roof without touching any part of the roof he must be called out.  By doing this batsman patience level and defensive technique will improve. To improve batting technique  batsman should be  called out when a batsman hit or defense a ball and fielder or bowler attend a catch on one bounce with one hand. You can put a bucket beside your roof and keep digging the tennis ball then play with this wet ball. This wet tennis ball will behave like leather ball meaning it will skid speedily after pitching on the roof floor.


How can I improve my batting at home without balling machine?

You can perform the following in proper routine:
1. Shadow batting practice.
2. Wall bounce drill batting practice.
3. Stump and ball drills.
4. Short ball drills.
5. Footwork cone drills.
6. Play on the roof with friend.
7. Use sponge, plastic and tennis balls while wall bounce drill.
8. Use wet tennis ball on the roof.

Is roof practice is worth in cricket?

Yes, by playing cricket on the roof you can improve your defense technique in cricket.

What is shadow practice in cricket?

Shadow practice is a basic practice not only for cricket but also for any game. Shadow practice don’t demand any equipment or place, you can perform it anywhere. By doing regular shadow practice one can develop the habit of any stroke or body movement.

What is mirror practice in cricket?

In this you have to stand in front of mirror by taking appropriate distance and then start practicing with bat. By watching on mirror you can improve your batting mistakes such as correct elbow position, correct head position etc.

Why plastic ball practice is necessary?

To get expertise over playing swing ball in cricket one should practice with plastic ball.

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