To play yorker ball in cricket  you have to follow some basic  cricket terms 

including batting guard mark, correct batting stance in cricket, correct toe position, cricket bat position


Batsman should keep his front foot out side the batting crease and his back foot should be inside the crease. 


This allows batsman to cut the little bit swing of the baller and provides bit more freedom to use the depth of the crease.


Your both legs should be parallel to each other and batman should stand in such a way that the front umpire cannot see the right shoulder of the right hand batsman.


Remember, your front foot toe should be equally parallel to your back foot toe putting front foot bit across will create more lbw chances.

while playing yorker ball when ball reaches your toe your front foot toe should open towards the main umpire who is standing straight behind the wickets.

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Gripping the bat correctly is important to play yorker ball.  You should grip the bat from the bottom meaning right hand of the  batsman will come just over the neck of the bat.