I did not get the deserving respect in IPL’s said Chris Gayle

IPL 2022 still on and shocking news came in between 


Just before starting of IPL 2022 Gayle took his name back and surprised his fans and experts.


Now Gayle has abscess a bomb on IPL’s disrespectful culture.


According to gayle he was suffering from disrespectfull stage and not getting the deserving respect.


Chris Gayle has played for three IPL franchise including Kolkata, Punjab and RCB.


However, Gayle did not revealed in which tram he was not getting deserving respect.


In IPL 2023 Chris Gayle want to play for Punjab or RCB and want to win a trophy by playing for any one of these teams.

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Chris Gayle said  for playing RCB  he enjoyed  and performed  whereas  with Punjab  he has a  good  Relationship.

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