Correct cricket batting stance tips given

The main umpire should not able to see the right shoulder of right hand batsman. The correct cricket batting stance tips given here. You must follow the proper cricket batting stance tips given by us to improve your batting stance eventually your batting will improve.

Correct cricket batting stance tips given

Take a guard of leg stump or middle stump. In order to take correct guard draw a straight line from the stumps towards the main umpire. You can use the toe of the bat or simply drag your foot to draw the line. Remember, the line should be driven shorter within the crease. Once you have drawn the line put your both foots just behind the line.

Pay attention, your both toes should be exactly parallel to each other. Face of the toes should be towards the third umpire standing in the point region do not open your toe face towards covers region it will open up your stance. If you will follow the given instructions clearly, the main umpire standing in the front will not able to see the right shoulder of the right hand batsman and this is a correct copy book stance in cricket.

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Virendra Sehwag used to take this type of stance and before them the great Sunil Gavaskar usually takes this copybook stance. This is a very simple looking stance and it makes batsman to play shots in any region comfortably. With this kind of stance there are very less chance of lbw dismissal.

Power hitting shots – Power hitting shorts are generally played by aggressive batsman’s  during the last 3 to 5 overs of the match. In today’s modern t20 era power hitting shots are also played in the beginning of the match in order to take full advantage of powerplay overs. Hope you are enjoying reading this article, keep reading it till the end.

Power hitting stance

After reaching the batting crease draw a short line as usuall in between the crease towards the main umpire. After that put your both toes just behind the line now slowly drag your back foot above the line towards the point region. The face of the toe will be towards covers region not towards point region. To play aggressive shots front foot of the batsman should be a little bit towards leg stump. In this cricketing stance the main umpire is able to see the right shoulder of the right hand batsman. This crick stance is also known as open chested stance.

Earlier former Australian captain Ricky Ponting Pakistani all rounder Abdul Razzaq use to take this kind of stance for extra ordinary hitting. Now a days this open chested stance has become common and each and every batsman is taking this stance due to increase in T20 matches. This stance gives batsman freedom to swing his hands more aggressively to both leg side and of side regions. 


What is stance in cricket?

Stance is a position in any game which is taken by a player to play. In cricket when batsman takes a leg stump or middle stump guard to face the bowler is known as a batting stance.

What is the best stance in cricket?

When both toes of the batsman were exactly parallel to each other this allows batsman to play any shot towards leg stump or of stump.

Which batsman has the best cricket stance in the world?

Earlier Sachin Tendulkar has the best stance to play the shots anywhere anywhere and in today’s cricket Joe Root, Virat Kohli and Babar Azam showing incredible performance with the help of their cool batting stance.

Which batting stance is best?

When the main umpire is able to see only the left shoulder of the right hand batsman, both toes of the batsman are parallel to each other with slightly bend knees is considered the best stance in Cricket.

Which is the best stance to play a yorker ball in cricket?

Drag a straight and short line from the leg stump towards the main umpire. Now put your both legs parallel to each other just behind the line and don’t allow the front to go across while playing yorker ball.

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